How to plan your week in less than an hour

** This is a guest post by Alex Weaver. Scroll down to read more about her! **

Do you often find yourself overwhelmed throughout the week with so much to do? Do you procrastinate your chores, homework, errands, or other tasks and then feel rushed to get it all done in one day? Well, I have a method for planning your week that will allow you to plan your schedule, spread out your tasks throughout the week, and set goals for yourself.

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First things first, you need to know what you need to do for the upcoming week. This can be done many ways. Some people pre-plan using sticky notes, others preplan in another planner. Some people use weekly sticky notes to write out events. It is important to keep track of upcoming events so that when you sit down to plan you don’t forget anything, and you can appropriately schedule your time. Once you pre-plan your week with the big events, you can take a look at the other things that you need to do.


Some events have to be completed on a given day, so make sure you allot time for that event. I suggest keeping a running list of errands, chores, and other tasks that you need to accomplish the next week. Then, when you sit down to plan, look at errands you may need to run throughout the week. Do you want to grocery shop, run to the post office, get your hair done, and pick up dry cleaning all in the same day? Do you want to space these errands out so you have less going on each day? It’s up to you. But remember that each of these errands, tasks, or chores take time and you need to make sure you have time to do it on the days you schedule it.


After you plan your events and errands, you can tackle your to-do list. Your to-do list may include tasks that you want to get done during the week but don’t have an exact time frame. These events you may want to space out as well, or maybe you want to do them all at once. It depends on you and your schedule. Say I have to do 2 papers, read some chapters, do laundry, clean the house, and more. Personally, I don’t want to do this all in one day. Instead I may delegate one task per day.


The last step to planning a successful week is setting goals. This can be anything you want. Maybe you want to not eat out that week. Or you want to journal everyday, or keep track of your meals. Whatever it is, writing this down and tracking it will make that goal more concrete and will encourage you to stick to it. You can track these goals using habit trackers or creating a habit tracker sheet in your planner. Setting goals is all about improving yourself--don’t set goals that you know you won’t keep, or that you don’t want to complete. Once you make it through a week and you fulfill your goal, you will feel great and accountable for your actions.


The key to successfully planning your week within an hour or less is that once you create a schedule, stick to it (as best as you can). Once you decide your schedule doesn’t matter, you will procrastinate and then you will end up having to complete all of your tasks in one or two days, and personally, that causes extreme anxiety for me. So to plan a week in an hour or less, it is essential that you:

  1. Pre-plan
  2. Schedule your events, errands, and other tasks.
  3. Delegate your to-do list.
  4. Set personal goals.


I hope these tips help you plan in a more efficient way and help you not be lost at the beginning of the week. Delegating my time is one of the most effective strategies I have encountered so that I don’t feel overwhelmed because I procrastinate.


Thank you for reading!




Alex Weaver is a 21 year old college student in Omaha, Nebraska studying Early Childhood Education and aspires to be a teacher to young children. Alex utilizes her planner and other organization tips to ensure success in her classes. Her Instagram (@craftycollegestudent) shows her weekly planner spreads, crafty hauls, and more.  head over to her blog for more amazing blog posts like this one!