3 Things you can do to beat the Instagram Algorithm

Alrighty fellow instagramers, it's time to get serious about a topic that has haunted our lives. (No, not the shadow ban.)

The new Instagram Algorithm.

According to Instagram themselves the algorithm is said to only show "valuable content" (whatever that means) and will only show your post to a few people at the start. Based on their engagement levels on your post, Instagram will decide if it's worthy for the rest of your followers to see.  

This seems fair, but it's largely catered to larger accounts since naturally they will have a larger starting audience. So already they have an advantage. This leaves us smaller accounts in the dust and having to work harder. The idea here is to get people to pay for ads (or so I'm thinking).  

Obviously none of us want to pay money to get our posts seen, so how can we get around this ? Well in this post I'll be talking about 3 things you can do to help out with getting your posts to the top.  

1. Join a comment pod

The key here is to get a bunch of accounts related to yours on board. A comment pod is basically a message group on Instagram where you send your posts to the group, and everyone likes and comments on your picture. This is a sure fire way to get that initial engagement boost. Since comments are ranked higher according to instagram, that means you'll get double the recognition from the algorithm. I currently have my own comment pod, and the more people that comment on my picture, the more likes I have gotten. That's been something I've for sure noticed, and a lot of the other ladies in the group should be noticing the same thing.  

2. Keep track of your stats  

This is something a lot of people talk about, but it's usually unclear what stats you should be paying attention to. You'll want to keep track of 2 things: engagement overall, and what times to post. You can see your optimal times if you have a business account activated. To get to the stats there will be an icon that looks like three bars in your upper right hand corner. Click that. Then, just click on the more info button for your follower info and your optimal times will show up towards the bottom of the page. It will change so be sure to check daily. You can also see your engagement by going to your post info. This will be in the first area on the stats page when you click the 3 bars icon. There are apps out there that will track your hashtags as well. 

3. Post "valuable" content

Instagram was super vague with this one, but it gave a few tips. Basically you want to be sure you're posting things your audience is interested in. This is another reason you'll want to keep track of your stats. For me, pictures with flowers and workspaces tend to do better than others. It could be a coincidence but not according to the stats. Be sure to pay attention to your captions as well. Give insight in your captions. Don't just post the picture and be done. Ask a question, get feedback, post something related to your niche, ect. I usually ask a question to get my followers engaged and more likely to comment.  Everyone loves sharing their opinion,  so this is perfect.

Also make sure that your content didn't violate the guidelines. This will be an immediate strike out from the algorithm. This includes the picture, the caption, and the hashtags. 

Speaking of hashtags, make sure you aren't using banned hashtags or using the same hashtags all the time. This could lead to that shadow ban. 

Hopefully by doing these things you'll see more engagement in your posts. If you have any other ideas please leave a comment below!  

Thanks for reading !