Net neutrality is officially dead...

The votes are in, 3-2 to be exact, and net neutrality is officially dead... at least for the time being. I don't know much about the process, but according to a few sources there may still be hope for a repeal. 

Either way, it's dead for now. And here's why you should care. 

Net neutrality was put into play 2 years ago saying that internet providers couldn't control the content you saw. This meant every corner of the internet was uncensored and was left open to be discovered on a fair playing ground.

Now unfotunately that's all coming to an end. Companies like Verizon are already plotting to make certain apps, internet features, websites, etc. Cost you a pretty penny. 

Small businesses will largely be affected. Since companies now can control not only your internet speed, but can literally block any competing websites or services. If atnt for example is sponsored by WordPress then it's totally possible anyone on squarespace can see a decline in visits unless you want to pay up for equal searching opportunities. While this isn't for sure information yet, the only real rule put into play was that companies have to state exactly what they will be doing and to what services. That's a pretty broad statement.  

Companies can also tinker with your internet speeds. Making sponsored apps and services run quicker, and competing apps and services run slower. This would lead to you ultimately staying on sponsored websites versus competitors. If you thought your download speed was quick now, just you wait until it suddenly drops without any reasonable explanation.  

Attention to all my social media fans, social media could start costing you extra on your plan. Want Instagram? $5 please! Again this isn't confirmed to happen, but it is a possibility considering providers now have the ability to control every single aspect of your online experience. 

Ultimately this is suppose to lead to consumers paying up for more services since they know the internet is in high demand. However i think companies who jump on board are making a huge mistake. People will simply avoid their service to find ones that are more equal or offer more of the internet for a better price. 

I am extremely disappointed in our officials for being so self centered. Congress just simply doesn't seem to be for the people anymore since there were millions of people petitioning and contacting their members of Congress fighting this new law. Nobody listened.  

But keep in mind when these laws start to kick in that you can make a choice. The more services with these laws we can avoid, the more they will start to fail. Make your voice heard !  

Let me know what you think in the comments below.