Last minute gift ideas for girl bosses

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Christmas is right around the corner, and if you're anything like me, then you'll probably be doing your shopping this week and next week. Last minute gift shopping is just infamously my thing. I'm sure you're here because you have a girl boss in your life that you want to shop for, but have no idea what would be useful or thoughtful. 

While buying us a new laptop would be fantastic, it's the little things that count. Plus this is last minute, so we gotta narrow it down just a little.  

Here's a list of a few things that you can get that special girl boss!

Coffee mugs

Most biz women probably can't make it through the morning.... Or day.... without at least one cup of coffee. It's kinda stereotypical, but who doesn't love coffee (Or tea) anyways ??

Here are two small businesses that have the BEST girl boss cups that I've seen.

The first is sweet water decor. You can find ALL the girl boss merch here honestly, but their travel mugs and cups are amazing. I have 3 of my own. 


Pictures from @sweetwaterdecor

Pictures from @sweetwaterdecor

The next is a fellow girl boss of mine, Xenia! She has the cutest products and I highly recommend checking out her shop


Pictures from @xeniabmherrera Instagram !  

Pictures from @xeniabmherrera Instagram !  

Desk organization  

If your fellow girl boss always has paper work and lose ends floating around her desk, these desk organizers will save your life. You can get them on Amazon for super inexpensive, and you get to give the gift of organization. I have two of my personal favorites listed below. A metal one for the more practical bosses and an adjustable wooden one for aesthetic af girl bosses.



You can click THIS* link for the metal* organizer , and THIS* link for the wooden.

Girl Boss books

I never realized how much I love reading inspiring books. My absolute favorite of all time is "She Means Business"* by Carrie Green because it actually walks you through the beginning steps of starting your business and reshaping your mindset. Even if you have a business anyways it's worth the read. 



 Give the gift of the Instant boss club

If your girl boss is into social media, and needs an extra boost of resources, this is for her. With 7,000 other members (including myself formerly!), you can't go wrong. There's a hashtag library, stock photos ready to use, printables, social media lessons, comment pod, etc. For $28 a month (and you can cancel at any time) it's the perfect gift ! Just remember to cancel it after the first month or you'll keep paying for her 😂 unless you want to of course. This is the same course that helped me triple my Instagram following in ONE month.  click HERE* to learn more and sign up.



Oil Diffuser 

My oil diffuser has been my entire life recently, because it can either energize me or calm me down after a long day. I got mine from DoTerra but you can find ones just as good on amazon. Here's one that was recommended to me, and an oil set to go with.

A planner  

My personal favorite planner right now is from Passion Planner. It's very goal orientated and has an hourly weekly layout. It has so much organization, and I highly recommend it for anybody to be honest. If your schedule is packed and you need to have it physically in front of you, passion planner is the way to go.   


Tea is another great gift because it has so many healing properties. The tea I get is from teami blends, and it seriously works. I have their relax tea and it has the ability to stun my anxiety, and calm my mind. There's also an energy one, focus tea, and immune system tea as well. You can get any blend for 10% off with the code "paperandaplan". You won't regret it, and I'm sure your special boss will thank you.


No matter what it is that you get for your girl boss, I'm sure she will be grateful.