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If you use Instagram for your business or you simply have a lot of links to direct your followers to, then I have the perfect tool for you! Instagram (and most other social media) only lets you have one functional link in your bio. Just one. I'm sure we have all experienced the struggle at one point or another. We put out so much content and can only show case one link to our followers. I've wanted to link to my YouTube channel, my blog, my Twitter, my Pinterest, etc. all at the same time and ended up having to choose one. This was a huge downfall when it came to my page views! If I can't promote multiple platforms at one time that means I'll need to dedicate an entire platform to cross post every single piece of content I have. This is what my Twitter was used for, when in reality that's not what twitter is used for at all. My Twitter was cluttered to the core. Instagram, blogs, videos, polls, links to my other pages. There was no focus, and it was a mess. An absolute mess. Then one day I came across something called


So what is is a website that allows you to create a landing page for all of your links! You can turn them on and off, and it even has it's own built in stats. The stats tells you how many clicks your website got via Right now there are only about 6 different color options to choose from for your landing page, but by the end of April 2017 they project to have their custom theme feature active. This is what my landing page looks like right now.


 aAs you can see from the photo, I have my Pinterest linked, my Twitter linked, my YouTube linked, and my website linked. This is the landing page you will see if you clicked on the link in my bio.

So how can help me?

As I mentioned earlier, this can help you market multiple platforms under one single profile! Keep in mind you don't just have to just use this for Instagram! You can put this link in your Twitter bio, your Pinterest bio, and even in the description of your videos on YouTube! You can list it on your Facebook group, etc. can support links to basically anywhere. If you have an email list landing page you want people to sign up at, then you can link your email list. If you want people to view your newest blog post you can redirect them there as well. The option to showcase many links in one place is a game changer. This means we no longer have to promote one link at a time per page. We can provide more value and more options through

Once they apply their custom theme feature, we will also be able to match our landing page to our brand. This is key because it will flow nicely with our brand and other pages.

The statistics for is a little icon in the corner below each link. Don't worry only you can see this on your dashboard after logging in. It will look like a small graph and will have a number on it. This is how many clicks your link has gotten via This way you can see if is an effective marketing tactic for you, and how much traction it is bringing in. For me personally it worked amazing. My pages had 57 views in just a few days! This may not seem like a lot, but if you really think about it before there was really no way to effectively promote multiple links. So the fact they are all able to get traction now is an amazing break through.

Not only will this help you for promoting your pages, but it will also help your audience! With all your links in one place you can easily direct your audience to the landing page. They no longer have to search for your platforms and try and figure out which ones are authentic and which ones are not. No confusion and less work means happier customers and audience members.

I highly recommend for boosting your platform views. This website has been a game changer for many businesses including my own. With the ability to finally promote multiple links on multiple platforms it makes such a valuable tool.

If you have any questions about Linkt.ree that I can answer feel free to leave a comment, or head over to my contact page and shoot me an email. I would be happy to help. Please keep in mind that I am not affiliated with what so ever. So answers to complicated questions might be limited.

As Always, thanks for reading!