On the Go Productivity Essentials

Let's face it. Sometimes when we are on the go we get interrupted by the need of a conference call, a sudden change of plans, or the blog post you forgot to do. Plans never seem to stay consistent for us busy women, but we have to make it work. Nothing is worse than getting these curveballs thrown at us and not having the tools we need to even complete the task. There is a general list of items I bring with me at all times that I am going to share with you. These have become my on the go productivity essentials. 

1. Writing utensils

This may seem obvious but you have no idea how often I leave the house completely forgetting something to write with, and then inevitably needing to write something down later on in the day. Be sure to always have a pen and pencil with you at all times. You never know when you'll have to write down an address or phone number or even a brilliant idea. 

2. Post it notes

I mean what else are you going to write on ? Post it notes have saved my life for quick things I need to write down when a note book or planner isn't handy at the moment. When I do have access to a notebook or planner I can just stick the post it note in its place.  

 3. Mildliners  

I seriously always have my mildliners on me. They are great for highlighting important info or dates in my planner or notebook.  

4. Laptop

Pretty much everywhere I go requires me to bring my laptop, so it's always on me anyways. However a laptop is super handy for note taking, internet surfing, and my primary use- blogging. Without my laptop I am pretty much useless. 

5. Chargers 

Not only am I useless without my laptop, a dead laptop is just as bad. I always make sure to have my laptop charger (which also doubles as my phone charger). Killing two birds with one stone. 

6. Pen case

My pen case is actually what houses all of the above items, so I never leave without it ! To see a review on the pencase I use and what I have in it, you can watch my video below. 

7. Planner

My planner really should be in the top 3. My planner houses everything, and I mean everything, I need to know for the day. Notes, tasks, dates, reminders, etc. My planner is like my second brain. Without it my day is usually unstructured and hectic.  

8. Water  

(Wait what?? Water?? .... How on Earth does this even count? ) Yes. Water. Believe it or not, as much as we love coffee, water is actually an extremely important part of productivity. When you drink water your system is cleansed keeping you energized and in a better mood. Water has a ton of health benefits and can wake your body. When I leave without water I am noticeably more sluggish.

9.  ear buds

I'm the type of person where listening to music is a huge inspirational factor. Not only does it pass time through boring lectures and uber rides, but it also keeps me awake and inspired to do my work. 

10.  Phone 

This one may seem pretty obvious because we take it with us all the time; however, it's what's on the phone that matters. I have a number of productivity apps that I use when I need to get things done. One of these being my pomodoro technique timer, fitbit app for health tracking, my blog (yup there's an app for it), and my social media which I used to stay in touch with all of you. So while a phone may seem obvious, it's the inside that counts ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Hopefully you all enjoyed this post. If you have anything different you take with you on the go, then leave me a comment below! I'd love to hear your top 3 on the go essentials. 

Thanks for reading!