The Number One Book All Aspiring Business Owners Should Read


I've searched all over the internet for business information. How to start, where to start, after you get started what do you do next, and the list goes on from there. It's frustrating to find valuable information. Sometimes webinars can take hours and ebooks can actually be pretty costly. 

Before I finally launched my website to start myself up and get going I was totally lost. I had no idea what I was doing. I was posting on Instagram hoping people would go to my free WordPress blog and then hoping that would drive people to my YouTube channel ..... that obviously wasn't working.  

Finally and by total accident I found the She Means Business Book. I didn't even have to think twice before I bought it for $11 on amazon. She has an interactive Facebook group with thousands of other girls willing to help and she does live webinars and podcasts. The book and the community are so tightly linked making it worth every penny you spend. 


Here is what you walk away with when you buy the book:  

* Honestly the best self-help business book I've ever read

* FREE resources and worksheets

* A FREE Facebook group of supportive women

* 28 day business challenge  

The Facebook group alone is one of the most valuable parts of this book. It's truly a community where everyone is willing to answer questions, support your projects, and motivate you in the process. I have made many business friends and partners via this Facebook group alone.

Inside the book you can find 3 sections that focus on the following things: 

* Your mindset  

* Your Business  

* What to do going forward  

Each of these sections has interactive activities that go with the topics at hand. Just by following these steps alone, I was able to start my website and have a clear understanding of what to do next.  

This book is packed with information such as meditation guides, goal setting activities, free workbooks, setting up your brand values, connecting with people outside and inside your niche, overcoming money blocks, how to get your mind in the right place, and way way more.

I've learned the key principles necessary to becoming a successful entrepreneur and I am only growing from here. I started and grew my website in just 28 days with her challenge. No, I am not joking. 28 days !

There are also enough motivational quotes and pieces to keep you going. Each time I would find myself drawn to a specific quote or message. My favorite thus far is "I can and I will". I ever printed it out and framed it!  

This is a book I finished reading in 3 days and immediately wanted to take action upon finishing. I marked the pages and took notes.  

You can get your hands on both the audio book and the physical copy by clicking HERE *. 

I know you will find this book useful just as I found this book to be useful, and an extreme game changer to my business. 

Until next time, thanks for reading !

*Amazon affiliate link. Purchasing with this link will cost you nothing extra, and it helps to support me so I can further help you!