15 self care ideas that won't break the bank

Self care is one of the most important things for us busy ladies. We put so much pressure on ourselves to make all our goals and to dos happen. Often times we over work ourselves and forget to schedule time for self care. 

What is self care ? 

Self care is doing something to benefit your overall mindset or health. It's like a little break from your busy life.

Why is it important ? 

Self care allows you to take a step back from your priorities and focus on yourself. It's important to remember to care for yourself because if you don't , you risk over working yourself. It's always best to take a break when you're feeling overwhelmed. 

So now that I've given you a mini description, let's get to it! 

 1. Take a bubble bath 

This is one of my absolutely favorite self care ideas. Baths are extremely soothing and can help refresh your skin and clam your mind. I love adding bubbles or a bath bomb, and just letting it all soak in.

2. Take a nap

Taking a short nap is the perfect way to refresh your mind and body especially after a busy or stressful day. 

3. Get a mani/pedi

Some places are really inexpensive and do an amazing job as well! Search around your area for something in your price range and go treat yourself! You deserve it. 

4. Read a book

You'd be surprised how effective reading a book can be to clear your mind. Something about a good book has the power to take your mind to a different place. So grab your favorite one and dive in.

5. Binge watch your favorite show or start a new one

Sometimes you just need to binge watch Netflix. Need I say more ?? 

6.  Have a DIY spa day

There are some really easy face mask recipes and scrub recipes out there that you can do with things you probably already have! My personal favorite is the egg, honey and lemon combo. Just mix one part each of these together and apply a layer or two onto your face. I wait about 10 minutes for it to dry and then wash it off and pat dry. Sitting in the bathroom with a hot shower running will create steam and is sure to open up your pores to absorb everything. Be careful with this one though when you turn off the water so you don't burn yourself. 

7.  Go for a walk

Going for a walk on a nice day can be extremely therapeutic. When all you have to pay attention to is your surroundings, it's extremely relaxing and tends to take my mind off stress and focus on the beauty around me. 

8.  Exercise 

This one may not be for everyone, but this is a wonderful stress reliever! It helps for anxiety, anger, and over active minds. You can literally take out all your stress and frustration out on your weights. 

9.  Meditate 

Meditation is great for a quick way to clear your mind and stay focused. There are tons of guided meditation videos on Facebook and out in the meditation niches. Go find a good one and try it out! I did my first guided meditation last month and it was the best thing I've ever tried. 

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10.  Try out Yoga

You don't have to be super flexible to try out basic yoga! There are plenty of yoga basics videos on YouTube that will walk you through everything you need on yoga basics. If it's too difficult try a modified version of the pose. 

11. Try a new food or recipe

This one may be a little pricy since you have to buy the food, but it can be an interesting take on self care ! Who knows, maybe you'll discover a new favorite !

12.  Listen to music 

One of the most overlooked therapies is music. Music can seriously change your entire mood. I love listening to upbeat music on my Spotify playlists when I'm feeling down. 

13. Journal

When in doubt write it out! Sometimes you just need to get your feelings and thoughts down on paper. If it's something negative I'll actually rip it up when I'm done or burn it (in a safe location of course where nothing can catch fire). To me it gives the illusion that I've thrown the negativity away and don't have to deal with it.  

14. Make a cup of coffee 

Sometimes a girl just needs a cup of coffee. Especially if you don't drink it too often. Treat yourself to a cappuccino or something fancy ! Or keep it simple and just enjoy a stress free cup of coffee. 

15. Call a friend 

I love calling up my friends when I'm feeling down. They give me a person to talk to and connect with other than just thinking about the situation on my own. Maybe even invite your friends out to do one of these activities together !  

Hopefully this has given you some insight as to what you can do for self care without you breaking the bank. Which one is your favorite ?? What do you do for self care ?? Let me know !