How I Tackle Being a Student and Creating Content

Being a student and running a blog, Instagram (2), Twitter (2), Pinterest, and a YouTube account isn't easy. There are lots of responsibilities that come into play with being a content creator. I have to make sure videos are up every Monday and Friday. Not only that but blog posts are up every Tuesday and Thursday. My Instagram has one new post every single day, and my Twitter and Pinterest are easier on the upkeep as they're mainly used as a cross posting platform.

However, it doesn't stop there!

Think of everything that really goes into it. I have to write those posts and make a Pinterest photo, Film, edit, and upload the videos, I also have to create thumbnails for those videos, I have to take pictures to put on Instagram and edit them x2.

So now since that's out of the way, I have to do homework. This semester I am only in 2 classes so the work load isn't much. However, I still have to do homework and those two classes are some of the harder classes I'll need to take. Environmental Biology and Managerial Accounting to be specific. Bio requires that I do one lab every single week, and Accounting is just hard in general. I have homework every week for bio and since finals are rolling around it gets even more difficult.

Let's not forget I also have a job people.

So the question is how on Earth is it possible to be a student and a content creator? It's actually pretty simple!

1. Make a list

The one thing that has helped me the most is to make a list of the things that need to be done overall. Homework, classes, videos, blog posts, and the works. I normally use just a plain notebook for this, so you don't need anything fancy. This helps because everything is right in front of you face.

The main thing you need to do with this list is PRIORITIZE.

Go through all of those tasks and number them in order of importance. I normally group my school work together and my content together in two separate lists since both of them are equally as important to me. So content will get numbered and school will get numbered. I might label Monday video (1) and Blog post (2). Then Bio project (1) and Accounting homework (2).

This helps to make sure I know exactly what I need to do first.

2. Plan

Next, most of you know that I plan using multiple planners. I have a video on this HERE if you want to check out how I'm using them as of 2017. My Kate Spade planner is my life planner. Everything goes in there. With that being said, this is the planner I use to see an over view of my week (and I have details in separate planners). So this is where I will write down the tasks from that list we made earlier.

Each of those tasks most likely has a due date, so that's when I will write them in. I highly recommend getting a planner for yourself instead of your phone or trying to remember everything by yourself. The act of actually writing things down makes you more likely to remember and helps organize your thoughts. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail so don't skip this!

I normally plan around anything that can't be avoided. For example, if I know that I have to work on Friday and that's when my video goes up, I know that I need to have that video filmed in advance. If I have class on Tuesday I know that I either have to write my post in between classes, or write it in advance.

If you want to see my schedule for reference, here it is. (it's always subject to change because life happens):

  • Sunday: Batch photos, film Monday's video (usually work)
  • Monday: Batch photos, write Tuesdays blog post & Homework due Tuesday
  • Tuesday: Mostly a homework and promotion day
  • Wednesday: Film Friday's video and write Thursdays blog post & Homework due Thursday
  • Thursday: again, homework and promotion day. Also film Friday's video if needed
  • Friday: video promotion day and usually my break day (sometimes work)
  • Saturday: homework catch up day (usually work)

3. Execute

You can have this awesome plan, and this great list. You could have time slots for everything, but if you don't actually execute on your plans, nothing will happen. Literally nothing. The work doesn't do itself (as much as we wish it would). I know this is a simple concept that is easier said than done. Don't worry because I have you covered. 

I have a whole blog post HERE that'll tell you everything you need to know about staying motivated.  

The quick version is to remember your why. You have to think of why you started. Why are you creating content? Who is looking forward to it? Why do you need to pass your class? What will happen if you don't?   

This very simple tactic puts you in the correct mindset, so you'll be less likely to fall off track. 

So there you have it ! How I tackle being a student and a content creator. Let me tell you it isn't easy, but with hard work it definitely pays off.  

Let me know if you're a student content creator as well in the comments !  



As always, thanks for reading !