Best Planners For Time Management


Any of my already existing planner girls will know the struggle of picking the perfect planner. You'll spend days at a time looking at all the planners (and most likely end up getting one of each) trying to figure out which one to get for a specific purpose. Most of the time we end up using a little less than half of all the planners we get because we find out they just don't make the cut. However, if you are NOT an existing planner girl or if planners are still new to you, then I'll explain the struggle.

There are many different kinds of planners out there. Yes, there are more options besides planners with the days of the week and a monthly spread that you find at Walmart or Target. They have different price points, styles of binding, weekly layout, monthly layout, some have different interiors all together and are for a specific purpose like blogging or management. There are TONS of planners out there. Some that I'm sure I don't even know about yet! So all in all, it is a very difficult job to pick out which planner is the perfect fit.

So today I am going to show you some of the best time management planners I have used and heard of.

Before we get started; however, I want to just say that these planners have worked for me and may not work for you. Everyone's style of planning and planning needs are different. I am showing these specific planners because they have helped me or others I know, and they have high success rates among the planner community.


Passion Planner



Passion Planner is a personal favorite of mine. It really helped me when I needed to buckle down on what I needed to get done. It also helped me prioritize better as well because of the tasks lists at the bottom of the page. Anything that wasn't already included that I needed for that week could be written in the "Space of infinite possibility". Not only does it make you buckle down for the day, but for the rest of the week as well. It comes in two sizes: full letter and a half letter size. The half letter size is great for on the go, and the full letter is good for a keep at home planner or an office planner. This planner goes from 6 am to 10:30 pm giving you an absolutely HUGE range of the day to work with. No other planner I have seen yet goes until 10:30pm. Most hourly planners stop at about 7:30 pm. With an hourly planner like the Passion Planner, it is easy to schedule time for tasks, calls, breaks, etc. It is also very goal oriented and forces you to think about how you can improve your life and how to use your time wisely. Passion Planner price points at about $20-30 but they normally have sales to knock those prices down. You can now get them on amazon HERE. (Affiliate link! This will take you to one listing with two color variations and an undated option. However it doesn't cost you anything extra to use my link, and it helps support me and this blog) The monthly section of this planner also has plenty of room for mind mapping, task planning, and even a not to do list making this a very unique goal setting and time management planning system.


Sugar Paper

Sugar Paper Planner photos provided by @PlanningWithKristen

Sugar Paper Planner photos provided by @PlanningWithKristen

All rights reserved to @PlanningWithKristen

All rights reserved to @PlanningWithKristen


The Sugar Paper planner is a great inexpensive alternative to any of the planners on this list. The Sugar Paper line from Target has a lot of different style planners with different interiors. This one in particular is one of my favorites in the time management department. It is a very simplistic spiral bound planner that is small enough to take with you on the go, and professional enough to take out in public. The left side of the weekly spread is a section for all your to-do's and appointments. With an entire left page dedicated to task management, it's no wonder this planner was chosen to be put on the list! The right side of the weekly spread is the actual week where you can put the tasks you wrote down on the previous page. Seeing your tasks in one place is essential to knowing what needs to be done at what time. Task organization is super important and this planner definitely takes the cake with that! In addition to the weekly pages this planner has a very unique monthly layout as well! With an entire page for notes, and a page dedicated to your monthly to-do list.

EC Hourly

Photo provided by @planneraddictBritt on Instagram . All rights reserved

Photo provided by @planneraddictBritt on Instagram . All rights reserved

The Erin Condren hourly planner is one of the more expensive planners to make the list; however, the quality of these planners are absolutely stunning. With a thick coil and pages, it's every planner girls dream. Not only is the planner of good quality, but it has some pretty useful features as well. The side bar of the planner contains a blank section to be used for anything you'd like from tasks, to important dates, and even a weekly focus if you'd like. It has a spot for a thankful thought, and the rest of the side bar is dedicated to a task list with already created check bubbles. The planner's hourly schedule goes from 6am to 7pm, and it has plenty of space to write in multiple tasks for that hour. The layout is simple, clean, and (in this particular planner) neutral making it the perfect option for a great time management planner. The simplicity of the planner will help you stay focus and your thoughts uncluttered.

It isn't hard to see why I picked all of these lovely planners to be crowned "Best Planner for Time Management". Each of these planners have unique features tailored to a specific need. Hourly planners are especially helpful because you can easily see your daily schedule and you never have to guess what you should do next. Task organization is another important factor when it comes to planners and time management which is why Sugar Paper was the winning candidate.

If you know of any other great planners for time management, I would love to have you comment them down below! I'd love to make an updated list in the future with all your wonderful suggestions.

As always, thanks for reading!