How to start your own Facebook Group

I'm sure by now you've joined or at least seen some pretty awesome Facebook groups. If not let me tell you they are an extremely powerful community building tool. Millions of people are on Facebook every day and at least a few hundred could be your target audience! If you're not on Facebook you definitely need to be. I use to be just like you and think "No way! Why on Earth do I need to be on Facebook.." Trust me on this one, you're gonna want to be there.

So today I will be explaining how to start your own Facebook group and what you'll need to be successful in it and keep up the engagement.

How to start a group

First you'll want to head to your account and, if you're on a laptop it'll be on the left hand side bar, and if you're on your phone you'll want to select the three lines in the top right hand corner, select the groups button. It'll show you the groups you're already in, and there will also be an option to start a new group. That's what you want to do.

Then it will ask you for specifics. If anybody can join without your approval you'll want to make sure it's a public group. If you want to approve members before they join select closed group. Closed group is best in my opinion because you can monitor who comes in to your group!

Remember to give it a catchy name that goes along with your mission and what the group is all about. For example mine is the Productivity Babes group. My Productivity Babes are what I call all of my lovely friends and followers alike, so it just made sense to name the group after them! After all your group Is your community.

Now that you have your group set up its time to get into some specifics

1. Set up the rules

Every group needs rules just so that things don't get super spammy and all over the place. Make sure you outline what is allowed and what's not. The best place to do this is in your group description because not only do you tell what the group is about, but before people even join they're able to see what the rules are. My group also has a schedule, so I made sure to put the schedule in the description as well. Mondays are goal days, Wednesdays are promo days, etc.

2. Cover photo

You want your cover photo to be something that stands out! It should go along with your branding and vibe of the group. My suggestion is you also add a picture of yourself in your cover photo as well so it's a little bit more personal. In my cover I added my brand colors, a picture of me, and the name of the group. it captures peoples attention and it's pretty straight forward. If you have room and it's not too cluttered when you're done, you can even add a few words that describe what the group is about. Mine would say something like "productivity, planning, social media".

3. Graphics

I recommend having at least 5 or 6 really nice quality images or stock photos to use for graphics. These should be clean and not too distracting. There should also be some blank space for text. You wouldn't want to confuse anyone with your images! Here is an example of one of my images in the group.

4. Add value

Adding value is going to be the reason people join your group. I offer so many bonuses for my Productivity Babes. Some of which include exclusive early access to courses, free printables, free mini lessons, promotional days, activities, etc. It gives people a reason to want to join my group, and that's what you should be doing too. Let your audience know what you'll be offering and make them feel special and included ! Don't forget to use this as your main selling point.

5. Keep up the engagement

Every day I make a post that engages my members in some way or another. My goal setting days encourage others to share what's going on for the week, and social Tuesday encourages the group to get to know each other and ask for collabs or follows. Offer a day or add in a daily post that asks a question or gets your members involved. Nothing is worse than a dead group! Keep it fun and entertaining. People want to be part of groups where they feel like they belong and that they can be friends with anyone in the group. Make your group do just that!


join a few other Facebook groups and see what they are doing. Sometimes you can get inspiration for your own group that way! Definitely don't copy them, but put your own spin on it!

If you aren't part of my Productivity Babes community, then what are you waiting for?! I did say to join a few other groups right?? *wink wink* I would be thrilled to have you.