Staying Productive While on Vacation

Ideally you'd like to do absolutely nothing on your vacation. You'd rather just sit down on the beach somewhere with a tropical drink of some kind, or sun tan by the pool, or even just sleep. However the reality is so much less satisfying. When we are on vacation it unfortunately doesn't mean doing absolutely nothing most of the time. If it does, then shout out to you. We will still have that one client who needs a response ASAP, or the picture we promised we would post on Instagram.

It can be totally hard to keep your focus while on vacation. Even just being on summer break or having a day off can throw us in the opposite direction, so how can we do it? How can we stay productive while on vacation?



1. Automation

If you're on vacation you're going to want to put as many tasks as possible on automation. Facebook posts, blog posts, tweets, auto responders to emails, etc. All of these things take up a bunch of time through out the day, and can save time for things that need your full attention.

My favorite email automation service is Mail Chimp, and recently they have made their automation service available to free plan members. (Yup! No paying for you) It's super simple to figure out how to use Mail Chimp, and so far it has been working amazing for me.

2. Prioritize by deadline

While on vacation you'll want to be extremely selective as to what tasks you are doing and when. Your goal is to do as few things as possible on your vacay, and doing everything isn't going to accomplish that.

Make a list of things you absolutely need to do. If it can be done another time, then don't even bother. There's no point in stressing out over tasks that can be done upon your return. If something needs to be done in the time frame of your vacation, then try to do as much as you can before the trip. Whatever is left over can be done on the trip.

3. Be realistic

You won't get everything done on the trip. Let's be honest. It's super important to be realistic and upfront with yourself. You know you better than anyone else, and you'll know if you can get something done or not while in vacation mode. If you can't, then plan in advance. Don't force yourself to accomplish as much as you would on a normal work day.

4. Work in small bursts

Make sure you're only working in small bursts. Set aside about a half hour to an hour to accomplish anything that may need to be done. Be strict about your time too! Only allow yourself as much time as you set. Don't ruin the trip by forcing productivity all at once.

Also make sure you're working at your peak productivity times. For example I am always more productive at night for whatever reason. It's 11:53 pm while I am writing this actually. Something about working at night makes me way more productive than working during the morning or afternoon. You'll have to experiment a little with productivity times. Take note of when you get the urge to do certain tasks, or when you just want to relax.

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