3 Ways to Boost Instagram Engagement

Instagram is the perfect tool for marketing your business, attracting clients, establishing an audience, and an overall fun platform to be on. However with Instagram's newest algorithm you keep hearing about, it's super hard to show up on people's feeds. The way it works is based off of engagement. The more people who like and comment, the more your post will show up in feeds. Commenting is key though when it comes to the new system.  

Luckily I took the hard work out of the equation, so all you have to do is follow my 3 tips for boosting Instagram engagement. 


1. Comment pods

Comment pods are an amazing tool and my most recommended for boosting Instagram Engagement. If you don't know what a comment pod is let me explain. A comment pod is a group of people in an Instagram group chat who like and comment on your pictures. Here's how it works: 

  1. Post a new, gorgeous Insta pic
  2. Press the paper airplane icon under the photo and send it to the comment pod
  3. Pod members will like and comment on any picture you put in the group. 
  4. Make sure to like and comment others before posting your own pictures !  

This has been the most effective thing on my Instagram thus far. You can start your own comment pod with friends, or call out to Facebook groups or other communities and see if they have any existing ones you can join. 

These pods work so well because you can have a maximum of 25 people liking and commenting on every single photo you post ! Since these commenters are boosting your engagement at the same time, it'll start to put your post in the top of peoples feeds, and at the trending spot for your hashtags!  

It's a win win for everyone. 

2. Facebook groups 

I highly recommend starting out in some blogging or promotional Facebook groups. Make sure you pay attention to the description and rules. It's important that in these groups you're allowed to post promos even just on a specific post. 

If you type in "blog promotion" , "Instagram Engagement" , or "Instagram marketing" you're sure to find plenty of Facebook groups that will allow this. 

I actually have a group of my own where promos are allowed Tuesday and Wednesday. Click here to get to it. It's for young female content creators and biz owners who want to get a grip on their productivity, life, and business. 

You can also always create your own. Head over to my Pinterest boards for plenty of Facebook and other social media tips. 

3. Call to action captions 

Your captions are a silent, secret weapon for us all. In your captions you're allowed to be as loud, funny, sad, productive, inspirational, etc. As you want. The caption is really where you get to ask the questions and be relatable and engaging. The best way to solicit a response is to ask a question. I do this in a lot of posts and it really gets the responses going ! One of my most successful posts was when I asked my followers where they were from. I think there was around 80 comments on that picture alone.  So try asking a question or saying something like "double tap if you agree". I see a few instagramers say "tag a friend who you'd love to ______ with". This doesn't work for me but it does for a lot of the accounts out there.

Bonus : instant boss club 

I recently tried out this membership program called instant boss club. It's $20 a month (they have weekly prices too), and you get access to a ton of Instagram information and free resources. Some of which include :

  • Loop giveaways to boost your follows
  • Comment pods
  • Ready to post graphics and quotes
  • Sale graphics  
  • Lessons
  • Free printables  
  • And more !  

I am an affiliate ,  but I'm sharing with you because it's immensely helped my Instagram grow from just 200 followers to 550 in only a month. so I more than doubled my following by using the simple tips they provide.  If you'd like to sign up click HERE ! Or even if you just wanna see it for yourself. 

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