How To Use Multiple Planners to Increase Organization

Some of you may have seen my tremendous planning system, and my even more tremendous collection. (If not see the picture below) 



Those are the planners I'm using currently along with one other that's not pictured. So I'm sure by now you're thinking to yourself "holy crap... How does she even use all these ?!? And for what?!". In this post today I'll be telling you what each of my planners are for, and why I think it's beneficial to have multiple.  



What are they all used for!? 

Pink kate spade:  

My on the go catch all planner. This is the planner I take with me almost everywhere I go so I have everything in one place. Literally this planner has just about every major task that needs to get done, a dream journal, my content schedule sheet, my package tracker, etc.  

Black filofax: 

I've been using this as my summer school planner. Since I only have one class the simplicity of this planner is perfect. It's not too busy, doesn't have a lot in it, and it's just right for getting the job done. I have some simple day designer inserts in there, my school ID, note pages and a pen. 

Nude filofax:

My nude filofax is mostly for blog post ideas for paper and a plan. However I have a section for collabs, email list content, social media content, and blog content as well. It's basically for everything paper and a plan and I love it.  

Gold passion planner: 

Not usable until August of 2017 but I plan to replace my black filofax with this planner so I can use it for school and for starting up my business. Basically any major goal planning and memory keeping will go in here. I know for sure next year this will become one of my main planners. So I'm excited about it for sure.  

protopreneur planner:   

This is a bigger catch all planner that I mainly use for habit tracking, content planning, and huge paper and a plan related tasks. Nothing too personal goes in this one.  

Black recollections:  

My mood tracker. I use this as a journal and I have a smaller notebook in it for my year in pixels and level 10 life tracker. 


So now that you know how I use them you're probably thinking 


Why can't you combine everything into one planner? 

The simple answer is there wouldn't be enough room for everything. It's like trying to stuff your whole closet in one suitcase. Or cook all your dinner in one pan. It's just not gonna happen, and if it does it's gonna be messy.  

Keeping your planners separate ensures that I am focusing on only one thing at a time. It separates my thoughts and I know everything has it's own place. This may seem like a personal thing, but really it can help anyone improve focus on certain tasks, and help with thought organization.  

I know when I go into my nude filofax that it's business time. When I go into my black filofax my mind shifts to school mode. When I go into my black recollections it's time to reflect. My kate spade is the planner I look to in order to know what my tone will be for the day.  

It's literally a mindset shift and that's what you want when looking at multiple tasks a day. If you had all your thoughts in one planner there wouldn't be a shift at all. Your mind would just be on overdrive thinking of all the things you needed to get done.  

Don't get me wrong multiple planners isn't for everyone, and the amount I use can be considered a little excessive, but it works for me and that's what's important. Not everyone has so much to plan out that they need 6 planners, but I find that it helps with keeping things in order.  

People often ask me how I can keep up. It's very simple. I definitely don't go into ALL of my planners every single day. I don't always have them constantly open or anything. That's totally not the case. They're just there for my reference. Instagram actually helps me out because I often take pictures of my spreads so if I ever leave my planner at home I can still see it 😂. Most often though I bring it with me.  

There are so many uses for planners, but you have to find what works for you. Whether it be one, two, or ten. Just do your thing And the perfect planning system will come to you.  

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Thanks for reading !