5 Ways to Beat Procrastination

I have a few tips for you on how to beat procrastination. This is copied straight from day 8 of my free productivity course so I can show you what it's like. I'm not going to waste any more of your time today because there are things to do on your list! I know it.

1. Get an accountability partner

I am so serious about this one. Me and my friend Alex have been working out together for 3 weeks upon writing this and I have to say I am so amazed at what a little encouragement can do. I can say honestly that I would have never been able to work out this consistently without an accountability partner. For the sake of todays prompt I am going to link you to my new Facebook group! This group is dedicated to young content creators who need a boost in their productivity, and are looking for an engaging community. You'll also get exclusive mini lessons and first look information.

you can join me and many other girls at :


It's always easier with others.

2. Schedule

This one has been helping me the most. When you schedule time for something it's like making a small commitment that you'll actually do the tasks. Especially since you're on a tight schedule. Not to mention it's kinda right in front of your face. (check out the free worksheet I made to help you out with this!) The key to scheduling is to assign all of your tasks to a specific time slot. Don't leave anything uncovered. If another obligation comes into play, then it's your job to rearrange so everything gets done. Allowing yourself to put it off is exactly why you won't get it done. I also have a video on scheduling that I will leave you down below.

Allowing yourself to move things aside brings me to number 3.


Yeah yeah yeah. We are gonna bring in Nike for a short moment. Seriously though just do it! I have a rule now where the moment I think about something, I go and do it. Now a few things to be aware of when I have this rule. I can't interrupt something I'm already in the middle of. This can be hard, but when you think of something else you have to do just write it down. Anything on the list can be done when you're not doing something you've scheduled or something that's higher on your priority list. However, I usually apply this rule to my morning routine. If it takes less than 10 minutes I just do it right then and there. I don't even bother to schedule it. I just do it. I think this mindset could be helpful for you all as well, so give it a try!

4. Track your habits

Similar to what we talked about in day 5 with distractions, it helps to track your habits. Is there a certain task you just hate doing and know you'll procrastinate on? Is there a reason you keep putting things off? Make note of why you keep putting off tasks and hopefully you'll be able to beat the habit.


5. lighten your load

Part of the reason you may want to keep putting things off is because it's simply too overwhelming for you! If you find yourself getting anxious looking at long to do lists, then maybe you need to realize that not everything needs to be done right away. Not everything needs to get done in one single day either. Lighten up your work load! Some ways you can do this is spreading out your tasks, delegating your tasks to someone else if possible, and completely eliminating tasks you just know you'll never do. It is totally OKAY to halt the project you've been working on or the craft you were planning to do. There's probably a reason you keep pushing it aside, and it could be because you're just not interested. When you're not interested it probably means it's going to show in your work. So either keep it entertaining for yourself while you do it , or trash it.


If you MUST procrastinate something remember this:


If you know for a fact you have to do this task, and you know you're gonna procrastinate then do me a favor and at least give yourself more time. If this means shifting around your schedule a little, then do it. Nothing is worse than getting something done the night before and rushing because you gave yourself an hour to do it.

Video about the importance of scheduling