These 3 Things Reduced My Anxiety

So a lot of us hear about anxiety, and even more of us suffer from it. Me included. I was informally diagnosed when I was 10 years old by my doctor and therapist at the time (I only went for a few months), and noticed it myself when I was 15. I was totally in denial until I was 18. I refuse to take medication for my anxiety, and while some people think that's the dumbest choice I'll ever make, it's still my choice. 

Knowing this, I had to come up with other ways to calm my anxiety. I've found 3 things so far that seem to honestly rid my anxiety almost immediately, and I'm here to share them with you today.

Disclaimer: always check with your psychologist or doctor before trying any products or methods. I am not a health advisor. I'm only speaking for what worked for me.  


1. Yoga  & essential oils

Before you scroll away and roll your eyes simultaneously, you gotta hear me out. Yoga is a more recent addition to my routine, and at times I still slip up and forget to do it. However when the anxiety hits yoga is my first go to. Even if it's just some breathing techniques or simple poses. I've been following along with some challenges from DoYouYoga and it's been amazing. I've noticed a big difference in my state of mind more recently. The hardest part is honestly calming down enough to want to do it, but after I convince myself to get started,  it's instant relief.

I also like to use oils!

I just received my oil diffuser and oils from DoTerra. This is not a plug. I use lavender and balance in my diffuser, and it's the perfect combo for getting me to calm my mind. I wasn't a huge believer in oils I'll be honest. However when a client gifted me them, I decided I would give it a go. It's been the best choice ever. 

2.  Teami Relax Tea

This is an honest plug for teami, but I'm only plugging them because it works. This was the very first remedy I tried, and like the oils, I was very skeptical. I was thinking " there's no way a tea can help anxiety.", but boy was I wrong.  Wherever I start to feel a little restless, I start boiling some water and go to get my teami relax. The smell, first of all, is tranquilizing, and the taste is even better. It's a minty, zesty, chamomile-y tea that instantly calms you. I'm not sure if it's just in my head, but there are a ton of other amazing reviews. You can get 10% off of it too if you'd like to try for yourself using "paperandaplan" at checkout.  Like I said this is an honest plug. I wouldn't be an affiliate for something I didn't believe in.

3. Planning & journaling

If you've followed me for any amount of time,  then you'll know planning is one of the major things in my schedule, and in my content as well.   planning has helped me succeed and achieve many things,  and has put my anxiety at ease. I'm not at all saying buying a planner is going to solve all your issues, but it most certainly helped me. 

Planning has given me the ability to take control of my life, and allows me to see my life on paper and in front of my face. Most often people with anxiety feel like they have no control over anything and we panic because of that. Planning has changed the game for me.  I even have a mood tracker as part of my planning system. 

Journaling has helped too because you're able to release your emotions onto paper instead of holding them inside which isn't good for your mental health at all.   

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