Why Color Psychology is Important When Branding

It's no surprise that colors play a huge role in the way we feel or what we think about when we see them. This happens without us even being aware. This concept is called color psychology. Our brain associates different colors with certain moods, topics, or objects. 

So why is this important when coming up with colors for your brand?  

It's obvious that you want to pick colors that you enjoy, but certain colors portray a specific feeling when you look at them. Some colors are better than others when you're trying to set the tone of your brand. 

Before picking colors I recommend taking some time to think about how you want your audience to feel when they land on your pages or social media. This will make the color picking process 10X easier. I did this backwards, and I'm lucky my colors portray what I wanted them to! Sometimes it doesn't always work out in our favor. 

By the way, this is a collab with my amazing friend Caitlyn of www.plannerbabes.com ! Make sure you head over to her blog, and read her take on color psychology for planning!

Here are a few popular colors and what they represent

I will also have a color chart at the bottom of this post so you can match up the colors !   

Red Shades

Good: Elegance, luck, power, assertive, attention getting, urgency

Bad: anger, violence, demanding  

Pink Shades  

Hot Pink: playful, bold, vibrant, tropical, positive 

Light pink: soft, feminine, elegant, innocent 

Orange Shades 

Okay there are a ton of different orange categories but we are gonna go for a rainbow orange, rusty orange, and a peach.  

Peachy: inviting, warm, comforting, tropical, fruity 

Rainbow orange: childlike, whimsical, bright, optimistic, loud

Rusty orange: earthy, exotic, rustic 

Yellow Shades

Bright yellow: energetic, active, summer, positivity, bright, joyful, happy, friendly 

Negatives: caution, hazardous  

Darker yellow: earthy, active, youth 

Negatives: mold, slime

Green shades  

Mint: soothing, calming, neutral

Light green: citrus, natural, lively 

Rainbow green: fresh, organic, environment, lush

Dark green: health, life, balance, trust, organic, money

Negatives: often confused with black if too dark

Blue Shades  

Aqua/turquoise: female empowerment, protective, water, refreshing, cleansing 

Rainbow blue: peaceful, calming, youthful, patience

Sapphire blue: royalty, elegance, classic, professional, confident, clarity 

negatives: sadness 

Purple shades 

light purple: peaceful, relaxing 

Rainbow purple: thrilling, exciting, dramatic

Dark purple: royal, exquisite, rich, introspective 

Negatives: mysterious, distant  

Shade.... Shades ๐Ÿ˜‚

Grey: neutral, timeless, classic, logical 

Black: sophisticated, professional, elegant, strong, expensive, classic, mysterious 

Negatives : associated with death and evil

White: pure, clean, sanitary, heavenly, graceful 


Colors can clearly speak volumes for your brand and the message you want to send. Before you commit to a certain color, think of the meaning and if it fits with what you're going for.ย 

A general rule of thumb is to try and have mostly neutral and 2 or 3 accent colors.

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As always, thanks for reading.ย