Backpack check list for when you're in a rush

We all have those days where life gets the best of us. We wake up late or are just in a rush in general, and we totally forget our most important things at home. So today I am going to put together somewhat of an "in a rush backpack checklist" so you can refer back to this at any time to make sure you remember your essentials. Also feel free to download the worksheets! One will have my checklist on it if this is all you need, and one will be blank so you can fill out your own list however you want. This will be a very quick post, but I know some of us will totally need it once school starts to make sure we have the essentials. 


Backpack Checklist  

  • Folders  
  • Notebooks  
  • Any Books for class
  • Calculator  
  • Laptop
  • Phone  
  • Chargers  
  • Earbuds  
  • Water bottle  
  • Mini emergency kit  
  • Pencil case
  • School ID  
  • Wallet 
  • Planner  
  • keys 
  • Homework  
  • Binder

This is what my ideal check list would look like. Here's an infographic if you want to save it to your Pinterest board.  


I also made you a printable version. No email required for these! Just Click the picture to download the image and the "click here" button for the PDF.


If that doesn't work or you want the PDF, then  CLICK HERE for the PDF file.


As always thanks for reading!