Why I Chose Squarespace Over WordPress

One of the hardest choices a blogger has to make is where they are going to create their website. There's all this talk about hosts and domains and blah blah blah, but the main topic of conversation I can't stop hearing about is WordPress VS Squarespace. 

I knew from the get go which one I wanted to go with (spoiler alert, this is Squarespace).  

Of course there are people who will agree and people who will disagree with everything I'm about to say, and that's totally alright. A lot of the articles I read really don't have any elaborate explanation of why they went with one or the other. I usually see vague descriptions like "WordPress is just cool and professional. Everyone uses it!" Which doesn't really help anyone to be honest...  

Just because everyone is using it doesn't mean you also have to use it, and Squarespace is just as professional.  

Here are some of the reasons I chose Squarespace over WordPress.

It's way more user friendly  

I think I may have spent actual full hours trying to beat the learning curve of WordPress. This is coming from someone who was fixing HTML codes when they were 9, took a web design class, and a video game design class (yes they are related). WordPress has got to be one of the most confusing platforms I have ever tampered with because there is such a high learning curve. It's not just like "here's some options start customizing to your hearts content". They give you some super vague options to start off with, and some equally ridiculous themes to try and work with. None of them are fully customizable until you purchase the monthly subscription.

Their themes are also even harder to make yourself and 3x as much to buy pre-made depending on how fancy you're going to get. I would not recommend trying to make the theme yourself unless you're a literal web designer.

I wish I was exhadutating. 

With Squarespace it probably could've taken me 24 hours to make a full website if I had actually sat down to do it instead of taking my time over the course of 2 weeks.  

Everything is customizable and drag and drop. I'm not sure if there's even an option to see the HTML code. If there is I haven't found it. 

Customization options are way more.... customizable  

As I started talking about above, Squarespace gives you immediate access to edit every single aspect of your website before you buy it.  

  • Pinterest pin it buttons
  • Social icons  
  • Connected accounts  
  • Fonts  
  • Font colors  
  • Navigation  
  • images 
  • sign ups for emails 
  • Social media feeds for Instagram  
  • The list could go on for a long time

with WordPress you have to buy the full version before you can install any kind of plugins. If you want most of the things I listed above you're gonna need a lot of them. The sad part is a lot of the WordPress plugins are out of date. 

With Squarespace you don't need any out of date plugins. 

I am so serious when I say everything is click and add. A little arrow comes up on the side of the screen, you click it where you want to put an item, and you get a whole drop down menu of options.  

It's so easy you can make a cover page in 10 minutes. I tried it.  

While WordPress probably does offer you FULL range of customization because of its HTML code option, it's very hard to use and figure out when adding things in unless you're very experienced. 

 Cost effective 

While WordPress has a free option and Squarespace   requires a purchase after 14 days, the cost of squarespace still ends up being less expensive than WordPress. With the countless themes and add ons WordPress has, it's almost laughable to say you won't spend at least $200 on customization if you want a clean website. To purchase a whole year of squarespace upfront with a free domain name (squarespace is also it's own host), it was only $145. 

you can actually turn off your comment sections. 

This is something I couldn't figure out how to do in WordPress. You might be asking yourself why I would ever WANT comments disabled. I want them disabled simply because there are so many spam sites out there, and I'm not about to deal with that. It happened when I was on WordPress and I'm not having it happen again.  

mobile friendly ALWAYS

My site has been mobile friendly from the get go. I know a few friends who have WordPress for their websites and it took them a few theme switches to get it right on mobile. Obviously my site looks 5x more stunning on a computer, but everything still looks, and works the same as far as individual components. It's also still in order (since my theme places everything vertical when viewing from mobile) and not in random places. I played around with some themes in the beginning and it was functional on mobile every time. 

Ecommerce built in to all plans 

If you do the personal or business plan for Squarespace you still get built in ecommerce. Let me tell you how amazing that is compared to the price you have to pay with some platforms.  

I haven't heard specifically but when I was researching WordPress versus squarespace when I was thinking about switching over, one of the main complaints was that WordPress was extremely buggy when it came to the ecommerce portion. This isn't necessarily something you want to have to put up with. 


All in all I'm pretty confident in my desicion to say that Squarespace was definitely more for me.  

If you're someone experienced in web design, coding, or have a lot of patience to learn, then WordPress is where you want to be. It's fully customizable in pretty much every aspect because of the HTML; however, you should expect some bugs and out of date features sometimes with the plugins. 

If you're looking for a quick to set up, professional looking website, then Squarespace is where you want to be. Its user friendly, cost friendly, and continues to surprise me.