How I made $200 my fourth month blogging (July income report)

I never ever thought I'd do one of these let me tell ya. I was positive there was no way you could really make any money off of your blog, and the people that did had some kind of secret formula. After making  $200 in my 4th month blogging, I get it now. It's not easy, there's no formula, and it's hard work. You're not going to wake up one morning with thousands of dollars hitting your PayPal right off the bat. However I can tell you what i did to earn some extra money for my blog. $73 out of the money I made is saved aside to help pay my blog at the end of the year. Which I think is a pretty good start.

I didn't make this post to brag about what I made, or that I made anything at all, but instead to encourage new bloggers to get started. It IS POSSIBLE to make money from you blog early on.

(There are affiliate links in this post !) 

So how exactly did i make money on my blog ?

There's a few ways actually. So keep reading to find out what I made and how I did it.


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1. Affiliate marketing  

That made at least one of you close out of this blog post, but what people don't realize is that affiliate marketing is gonna be your main source of blog income if you don't have a product to sell. Even if you have a product to sell, if you're just starting out, affiliate income is a great way to stay afloat while you wait for sales.

So what is affiliate income  ?

In a nut shell, affiliate income is when you promote someone else's products in exchange for a commission of the sale. For example I'm an affiliate with Instantbossclub  . I use their services, I love them, and I recommend them to others. If they sign up, then i get a little extra money in my pocket to help me continue to support this blog. It's truly an awesome thing. You help others and make a little extra cash. There are tons and tons of affiliate programs out there that pay a pretty penny, and I highly recommend you guys check some out. 

2. Amazon

So this is another site I am an affiliate for, but it's a little different in that I have to promote certain products in order to see results and such. There's a lot more leeway to promote whatever I choose, but some items pay better than others. It's a great first program in my opinion and I recommend getting started with amazon. I post links to Amazon products and when someone purchases using the link I get a small percentage.

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3. YouTube Monetization  

YouTube is a huge part of my income and I actually do promote my YouTube on my blog ! If you notice sometimes I'll attatch a video that relates to what I'm talking about in the post. I also promote my videos heavily on Pinterest which is always a stat and income booster. I get paid from YouTube every month via paypal. It's also dependant on interaction with the ads on my videos and on my view count.  If you want to start a YouTube channel here are my tips for starting one. 

4. Instagram Ads  

So I actually get paid by a company called heartbeat. They pay you a certain amount of money to make a post for 72 hours promoting a product or service. My rate is $10 per post and it adds up quick. I didn't get any paid offers this month, but they're always adding new campaigns. Last month I made $20. You can CLICK HERE to sign up for heartbeat and start making money too. It's a super simple sign up process.

So what did I make in July?

Amazon affiliates- $8

Instant boss club affiliates- $41.25

client work - $160 

heartbeat- $0 

teami - $0

YouTube- $23.95  


(Rounded)  $233

So there you go ! That's the total amount of money I made in July 2017.  

I didn't make this post to brag about how much I made or anything, but instead to encourage you that you can accomplish great things too! And while I have another....... 1,700 to go until I hit my monthly goal (lol!), it's a start. 

As always, thanks for reading.