Top 3 Distractions

You know the situation where you JUST sat down to do your work and your phone rings. So you peek at it and decide to answer. After the call you remember you were working and get back to it. But then you remember that you forgot to post on Instagram. You post, but then you end up scrolling for like an hour. Then finally get to your work again. 

This scenario happens every single day for most of us, and sometimes it's unavoidable. However there are 3 major distractions I hear everyone talking about, and I'm here to tell you all what they are and how to avoid them as best you can. While still being realistic of course. By no means am I telling you that this will solve all your problems because there's always exceptions (and reality).  


1. Social media  

With social media growing quicker than ever, it's insane to even think of our lives without it. It's what keeps us connected to the world around us. However that's also the biggest problem. The fact that it's become so integrated into our lives means that it's harder to stay away from it. As a blogger and YouTuber I am always (I am so serious) on social media. Like, every chance I get. I'm replying to comments at lightning speed, checking my hashtag daily, posting pictures, commenting on your pictures, looking for awesome people to repost. It gets ridiculous lol. I don't even know what I'm on social media for half the time. I just wanna look at my Instagram feed, or just look at the pretty stuff on Pinterest. 


Set specific times a day to check your social media when you're working, blogging, etc. On the days I don't have much going on, scrolling endlessly through social media doesn't interfere with much of anything.  However when I'm actually working on something it becomes a distraction. It's okay if you catch yourself going on Instagram, but when you catch you need to correct. Realize you got off track and get yourself back on. I like to flip my phone over. Since I have the galaxy s7 edge, the side will light up a different color depending on the app or notification. So I'll know if it's important or not. 

2.  To do lists

This one was a common answer when I asked my community what their biggest distraction was. All in all it comes down to their to do lists. I found this extremely interesting, but it made sense. Here's why. You load up your to do list with anything and everything you need to get done and immediately start working on all the "stuff". WRONG. NOOO. Stop right now ! Seriously! By doing this you are shooting yourself in the foot and setting yourself up to fail and feel overwhelmed. You get distracted by everything you need to do. So you start panicking and running around like me when I see a bee during the summer and it's not cool. I've been preaching lately that to do lists don't work by themselves. >>To read more about Why To-do Lists Don't Work you can click this link.<<


What you need to be doing instead is prioritizing your list. You can't just slap everything you need to do for the whole week in one list. I can almost promise you that you won't get anything done. You'll take one look and be like "Lol nope." So instead focus on 3 or 4 major tasks that need to be done asap, or that have a higher priority. How soon is it due ? Is it for someone else? Is this critical to my success? Etc.  

3. Kids/siblings 

I can't tell you how many times I've heard this one. "I have to babysit", "my kids take up all my time", "it's hard being a mom", bleh bleh bleh. Alrighty. I bet you can tell which one I'm passionate about on this list.

Disclaimer: I don't have kids but I can feed you some common sense. We are gonna jump right into the fix because there isn't an excuse I haven't heard or that I probably need to explain. Is it hard having kids ? Probably. But don't let it be your excuse 


Do your kids take naps ? If yes you probably have about an hour to get stuff done. I like to call this the power hour. Set a timer or just work until your kid wakes up. You get one hour to yourself and if that's all you get you better make it count. 

Does your kid sleep at night? Awesome. Stay up an extra hour and get stuff done following the same method I used above.  

Too exhausted to stay up after a long Day? That's alright. Wake up an hour earlier in the morning and follow the same method.  

I only get a few hours to myself how am I suppose to work all day? The answer to this lies within your desire for something to happen. If you want to be a blogger but your kid "gets in the way" you need to re-evaluate how you spend your time. Instead of watching greys anatomy, work on your post.  


Most of us never take a step back and realize how we can fix these common distractions or excuses. You make an excuse most likely out of the fear of doing the task, or the lack of motivation for it. Getting around road blocks is a mindset. If your mind isn't in the right place, you won't be either. 

Please remember to repin the image below if you found this helpful or think someone else might as well. Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you next week!