The importance of your planning system

Many of us don't really know or care about what planners we use. You probably didn't even know there was different kinds of planners either. Don't worry though because before 2015 I didn't either. I thought there was just the typical target planner with the cute cover and the same horizontal boxes for the days with the tiny note section at the bottom. I thought that was it, and boy was I wrong.

Time Management (17).png


I started seriously planning August of 2015. I had used a paper planner all my life, but it was then that I decided to join the community. People were using planners I never even heard of before. Erin Condren, happy planner, Filofax, and more. All these planners I never knew about soon became added to my phones dictionary and come up in my suggestions all the time.  

Your planning system should be an extension of you, and it should suit your needs. For example there's hourly planners, daily planners, vertical layout planners , budget planners, meal planners,  blog planners, etc. 

Using the wrong planner can result in a loss of productivity, lack of organization, or lack of clarity.

For example when I was using my normal target planner, I was barley getting anything done. It didn't help me organize my day at all. I was writing things down and never getting to them. I bought a Kate Spade agenda and it was too big to bring with me, so I never used it. 

Also don't be afraid to use multiple planners if you need to. I use 2 different planners. One is more of a ring bound bullet journal, and the other is my hourly planner.

For me these two planners go hand in hand and increase productivity.

Your planning system should:

  1. increase productivity
  2. improve clarity
  3. decrease stress
  4. increase time management skills
  5. work together with itself
  6. encourage you to use your planners daily

If these are not happening for you, then it's possible you need to make a few adjustments either in the purposes of you planners, or the actual planners themselves. I always suggest people try out the bullet journal method at least once so they can create their own planners to see what works before spending money on an actual planner. Sometimes the bullet journal method ends up working out and they just stick with it. 

Experiment with different types of planners, and find one that helps. Run through the checklist above until you find a planner that ticks off all of the above. For me, this is the Passion Planner, and my Kate Spade personal planner with bullet journal style inserts I made. It took me nearly 2 years to figure out that this is what worked, but I found it and that's what matters. 

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below this post.

As always, thanks for reading!