One little word 2018 - My word and why you need one too


I've done three years of one little word, and each year my word burns strong throughout the year. 

If you don't Know what the one little word project is, it's when at the beginning of each year you choose a word to live by. And not just live by, but really believe in.  

In 2015 my word was strength, 2016 was consistent, and in 2017 my word was persistence.  In 2015 I was really insecure and it was the peak of my anxiety. It was a very hard discovery for me knowing i had this with me my whole life. In 2016 i decided my word would be consistent. Mainly because I wanted to grow a following on my social platforms. To do this you gotta be consistent. Then in 2017 I decided my word would be persistence. Now that I knew what I wanted to do, nothing was getting in my way. 

This year my word is simplistic.  

I want my life, my branding, my days to be as simplistic as possible. life shouldn't be hard, and you should take it day by day. Working to improve yourself while also making your life more simple. 

I don't think I would ever be able to do the whole minimalist thing, but minimalism and simplicity are two totally different things anyways !  

I don't have to have 2 pairs of jeans and 5 shirts for my life to be more simple. (TOTAL exaggeration I know).  

Here are some things I want to do to make this happen:  

First off i want to have systems In place for planning and executing my ideas. I've already planned my blog posts in advance and I have an app to plan out my feed. 

I also want to start doing things in advance. So for example, writing my blog posts waaay before hand, having my feed and graphics ready to go.  

I've already simplified my website and branding.  

In my life I want to get rid of as much clutter as I can. Currently waiting until I don't feel sicker than a dog. 

In my financials, for now at least, my goal is to make as much as I'm making at my current job from my blog. If I can do that, then I'm set.  

I also want to only schedule things that matter into my planner. No more cluttered planner. I refuse.  

The one little word project has really helped my focus each new year for 3 years, now 4. I've always grown attached to my word and tried to live with it to the fullest. If you're focus driven, give this a shot! 

In the comments tell me your word for 2018 ! 

Happy New Year and thanks for reading.