How to simplify your life once and for all

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As the new year approaches we all prepare for the whole "New Year new me" thing to happen. We set our goals and promise to finally simplify our lives. The ugly truth is that most of us never even do it. Maybe we don't know how or maybe it was just an empty promise to begin with. 

However we always end up regreting it later. So how do we get around it? How do we simplify our lives once and for all?  

Before we take action, what should we simplify?  

There are lots of answers to this question, but one of the main killers of productivity and happiness is clutter.  

There can be clutter in all areas of our lives. Maybe it lives in our houses, on our phones, in our relationships, in our social lives. The most important thing is that we minimize it all.  

When I made the choice to simplify my life, I wanted to get my room in check, minimize the amount of things I own, slim down my closet, put systems into place for my blog, simplify my branding, and lastly clear my mind and simplify my thought process. 

I highly recommend starting with one thing from every area of your life and tackling that first.  

Once you identify the areas you need to simplify, you can follow the steps below. 

1. It's time to write it all down

Not just the goal, but how you're going to get there. So many of us just write down "simplify my life" and don't actually write down what steps you need to take to do that. This is going to take some reflecting as well.

Start by asking yourself what parts of your life need simplifying. Break that down into sections and write the steps underneath. For example I want my room to be more organized so I'm not stressed. Under that I would write "get rid of extra craft supplies,  donate old clothes, buy more desk organization" etc.  

2. You're going to need a daily reminder

Seriously. However this works best for you is how you should do it. Look at your schedule each week. When you notice a free slot that's when you'll work on this goal. It's important you're doing little things everyday.  

Set a phone alarm, put it in your planner, calendar notifications, etc and make it a habit ! The more you do something daily the more it will become routine to you.  

3. Start with one area of life and move on to the next

Do not try to tackle everything at once. One day work on your branding, another day work on your closet, the next work on organization. The main reason we lose focus is because we get discouraged we can't do it all at once, or we don't see the results. Things take time and not everything will happen immediately. 

4. You Have to be Consistent

Persistence is key here. You can't quit, and you have to take it slow. Simplifying your life is not going to be a 24 hour process. The point of writing everything down and identifying these areas is so that you can stay on track with actionable steps. To accomplish your goals you have to stay focused and be consistent. 

Depending on what you chose, your list will look a little different than mine, but here are some ways I'm accomplishing my "life declutter". 

How to Minimize Room Clutter

How to Slim Down Your Closet

  • Make 3 piles: keep, donate, and trash

  • get a trash bag and start throwing away any paperwork, boxes, etc. you have hoarded in there

  • get a closet organizer 
  • hang multiple clothing items on one hanger. ex: 2 pairs of jeans on a bigger hanger

Putting Blogging Systems In Place

  • Automation through emails

  • setting up a blogging schedule of when to write, edit, and publish

  • get a social media planning app like preview 

  • Simplify your branding by sticking to a set color pallet, graphics, etc. 

Simplifying your mind

  • Focus a lot on self care 

  • try yoga or meditation to clear your mind

  • drink more water and tea for more energy 
  • Don't overthink situations, it only creates a problem that isn't there
  • get a planner so you don't have to remember every little thing

I hope this helps you simplify your life or at least give you an idea of where to start. Also you'll be able to actually stick to it now too, which is the hardest part. Let me know in the comments what you're working on simplifying!