Her Words, Her Guide: a women's guide to becoming a better you (Review)


I would like to start off by saying that this review is being done in exchange for a free finished copy of the guide. However, all of the opinions in this post are entirely honest and my own.

So What Is Her Words, Her Guide?

Celeste Cai is a Registered Psychologist and Clinical Counsellor living in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Having spent the last seven years in the mental health sector , she has learned from her experience with patients that character often determines the difference between those who thrive and those who merely survive.

Her Words, Her Guide is a women's self help workbook/journal. There are 8 attributes that the author, Celeste Cai, walks you through in this book.

In order in which the attributes appear, there is self-awareness, purpose, confidence, perseverance, humility, curiosity, courage, compassion, and her chapter. Each of these are explored in a number of ways so that you can become the best you possible. 

This journal is interactive. The first learning method is, obviously, reading. Each chapter talks about why you should worry about this area of your life, and how you can work through this area.

The second is reflecting. Throughout the book you will find self-evaluation questions to asses YOU.

Then you'll define what this attribute means to you. How will you live by this attribute more, and answer prompts that will help you better understand where you are.


The next is to respond. There are three suggested exercises for better applying the attribute, an action plan, and the three words wisdom box.


Finally, you'll get a chance to review each section. There are a lot of really useful objectives in this section. There's the reality check activity where you evaluate your past weeks to see if you've improved any. You can see what worked and what didn't. There's also the self-affirmation section where you acknowledge yourself and motivate yourself to keep going. There's also a gratitude section, and a section to write what you learned about yourself. 

The fun part is when you get to chapter 9 and you can pick one attribute to really dive deep into, and learn more about it and yourself. Think of it as the ultimate challenge. 

My thoughts on the first two chapters

The first chapter is the self-awareness chapter. This is a topic that I specifically need to explore more. I never really gave it much thought. In essence, self-awareness is defined in the book as "the conscious knowledge of ones own character, feelings, motives, and desires." However i learned it's also about being realistic, and not always comparing yourself to others. I'm very pleased to see that this was placed in the workbook. A lot of women don't reach their goals and don't strive because they fear not comparing to the standards of others. 

The second chapter is her purpose. This is the section of the workbook that talks about finding your gift and purpose in life. Living with purpose is the most important thing us women can do for ourselves and others. Being motivated to live with purpose is something we often look over and push aside. So when I saw that this was 

While the readings are relatively short, the actual activities are the gold mine. I didn't want to complete anything before I got my physical copy, but I am absolutely looking forward to filling everything out. There are at least 20 pages of workbook for each attribute. 

You can actually read the first two chapters yourself by clicking HERE

So where can I get the Journal? 

Currently, Her words, Her Guide is on kickstarter and needs your help getting off the ground. Celeste is an amazing author and has great ambition. I decided to write this review because I genuinely think that everyone in my audience could benefit from a workbook like this. Not only is productivity important, but so is discovering yourself. They go hand in hand believe it or not. 

You can go to the kickstarter by clicking HERE.