5 surefire ways to have a productive morning

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a morning person. Like.... at all. However there are ways to combat your morning laziness when you know you have things to get done. Trust me.. I wish just as much as you that tip number 1 was "dont be a morning person" and that was the end of the blog post, but if I can do it I know you can too. So let's get started with the 5 surefire ways to have a productive morning. 


1. Try and refrain from going through all your social media first thing 

This probably seems impossible to you. You wake up to like 25 different notifications, and it's tempting to go through all of them. I usually only answer family or important relationships first thing in the morning after i wake up. Everything else i know ill get to later on in the day. Try and limit yourself to only important people or clients first thing. If you have to, set a reminder to check your social media or messages on other apps so you dont forget.

2. Have a routine in place 

This is super important. I use to have a document on google keep that had a list of things to do every morning. Put away clothes, make coffee, brush my hair and teeth, eat something, self care etc. This made sure i wasnt waking up with no purpose or motivation. More recently ive started listening to Instagram live or webinars to start my day off. 

3. Know your productivity method options  

Bet this one never crossed your mind before. Knowing how to break up certain tasks throughout your day will help to kick start your morning and decide what needs to be done now and what can be done later. I put together a small resource ebook of my favorite productivity methods that you can find on THIS page. Best part is you can learn these methods for free. 

4. Do one easy productive task

Remember that routine? Add one productive task to thar routine. Maybe its making your bed, doing laundry, cleaning up your desk from the night before, or something that can kick start your motivation and mind to wanting to finish more. Studies show this is the best way to have a productive day so if you take nothing else out of this post, pay attention to this one. 

5. Start the night before

Last but certainly not least, start the night before. How does this help in the morning you might ask? Simple. Starting a task the night before will make you more likely to want to finish it when you wake up. Additionally, it frees up some of your time in the morning since the preparation was already completed.  it's really a win win situation because youre more productive now and you cut down your work time. 

Now you can kickstart your morning like a pro.

Have any other tips ? Leave me a comment !