How to be more productive based on your zodiac sign



I’ve recently been obsessed with everything related to zodiac signs, and knowing my sign in particular can help me work through certain issues. Being that most of my content is related to productivity I thought it would be fun to put together a little collection of tips for you based on your zodiac sign. All the information I researched was accurate to my own sign, so I hope it’ll be accurate for you as well! Don’t take this as a fool-proof 100% accurate guide because everyone’s different. However, all I can say is it was almost dead on for me.

Let’s jump in my Productivity Babes.


Jan 20th - Feb 18th

Main Qualities:  Aquarius are overall generous, friendly beings. However some tend to keep their emotions on the low until getting comfortable with you. They can also be quite rebellious, and think outside the box. They make connections fairly easily and can make almost anyone come out of their shell. Most of the time this leads to the enjoyment of being the center of attention in certain situations. Beware of being too generous as Aquarius are likely to be taken advantage of. They like to stay mentally and physically in shape. They make great leaders.

Productivity downfall: Putting too much on their plate

Productivity tip: Aquarius have no issue leading and seeing the bigger picture; however, when it comes to how much they take on it can get overwhelming. The thing that will help the most in breaking down each situation and tackling little bits at a time. Have a specific goal and an even more detailed plan.


Feb 19th - March 20th

Main Qualities: Pisces are dreamers. They get lost in their thoughts and spirituality FAST. They are very introspective and most have very intense personal lives they don’t share with very many people. They love to think up new ideas, and have imaginations strong enough to create any situation in their mind. They are VERY sensitive and often rely on others to get things done. They rush NOTHING and will take as long as they need to get something done or until they find the inspiration. They are one of the most self-sacrificing signs meaning they always put others first. They have amazing intuition. However, they can be very dramatic, emotional, and self-pitying which are all detrimental weaknesses.

Productivity downfall: Lacking motivation/More dreaming less action

Productivity tip: Pisces tend to dream more than they take action. This can be great for coming up with ideas, but when it comes to taking action that’s where the push is needed. Find out when your most productive times are and take advantage of that. Pisces motivation comes and goes, so it’s important to tackle tasks during the times where motivation is at it’s peak. Make a journal, join an accountability group, etc. whatever helps you figure out exactly when those peak times are. 


March 21st - April 19th

Main Qualities: Oh Aries. Aries has very high energy and is always looking to challenge themselves. They barley back down from an offer or opportunity. They are curious and often seek out justice. One of the most driven signs, they like to compete with themselves and others. They have to be right and find it hard to admit when they are wrong. While their competitive spirit can be a great motivator, they often don’t know when they’re being too harsh or too aggressive. They find it difficult to be around others who aren’t as driven.

Productivity downfall: Knowing when to stop

Productivity tip: kick starting a project is NO problem for an Aries. However, the downfall comes when it’s time to hit the breaks. One method that would work great for this sign is the pomodoro method. It’s 30 minutes of working followed by a 10 minute break. You repeat this twice and the third break is 30 minutes long. You can always adjust the working times and intervals and such to what works best for you.


April 20th - May 20th

Main Qualities: Taurus are some of the most dependable people. Their values lie within the feeling that everything around them is secure (as in job, relationship, etc.). They have a natural drive to succeed with as minimal effort as possible. However, they have a very strong dislike for change and can be extremely stubborn. Often they blame others before themselves even if they are at fault. They often search for and partake only in activities that bring them happiness and comfort. They love nature and often have a country side to them. They enjoy time with close friends, but must beware not to cut off people who will give anything to be by their side.

Productivity downfall: When it comes to bend or break, they would rather break.

Productivity tip: As hard as it may be, Taurus need to be able to adjust to their surroundings. My best advice for this sign is to take things slow and don’t rush into anything. Work your way to your goal in the long-term instead of making such immediate decisions. Even working for an hour a day or in short intervals will help you build up to the change/overall goal. You can get overwhelmed quick so take your time.


May 21st - June 20th

Main Qualities: Gemini are very social people with a passion for sharing their passion with others. They have a natural ability to lead smaller teams, but can often get carried away or break under lots of pressure. They always have lots to talk about and are normally very up-to-date with things they are interested in. They can get rather bored quickly, so finding a new way to approach situations is very important to a Gemini. They are very informative and curious. They love taking risks and indulging themselves in the best things life has to offer. Beware of being too superficial though, and learn when too much is too much. Gemini can also either be very emotional, or disconnected entirely.

Productivity downfall: Getting easily distracted

Productivity tip: Since Gemini are constantly looking to be in the know and/or looking for something to satisfy them almost constantly, it is important to try and limit the amount of distractions you have access to. Turn of your twitter notifications, get off of the Cosmo Snapchat story, and focus on what tasks you have in front of you first.


June 21st - July 22nd

Main Qualities:  The Cancer is a very loving, passionate, caring sign to those close to them. Family life is EVERYTHING to them and are the type to do anything to stay close to them. Cancer have a natural ability to be a people person and get almost anyone to like them. They have a great desire to be loved and often have a hard shell despite being sensitive. They’re very deep in terms of thoughts and emotions. They can become moody very quick if something they don’t like starts to take shape. They often have short tempers. However, if you’re close to a Cancer expect them to know you better than you know yourself.  They have a natural ability to care, but sometimes too much and struggle with what to show and what to hide.

Productivity downfall: Workaholic

Productivity tip: learning when to slow down is important. Cancers will benefit from taking some time for themselves at the end of the day. Try making a list of tasks for the next day, or prepping for the day ahead of you. Cancers are very impulsive signs so laying out your day will help you keep your mind in check, AND help you not overwork yourself.


July 23rd - Aug 22nd

Main Qualities: Leos enjoy surrounding themselves with a large circle of friends that will appreciate them. Like Lions they naturally draw people to them and thrive on people’s acceptance. They are often class clowns or board leaders. They put themselves in leadership roles because they don’t do well when taking orders from others. However, they can sometimes come off as show-offs or having a large ego. Despite this, they are very fragile when it comes to their pride or insecurities. They can become kinda childish when they want attention; however, some alone time will fix that outburst quickly. They enjoy being outside versus staying in, so make sure you go out on your breaks!

Productivity downfall: self-sabotaging

Productivity tip: Leos will really benefit from projects that deal with self-expression while still bringing generous rewards (profit, praise, etc.) While tasking is very important, make sure you have a creative outlet where you don’t have to be so hard on yourself. Find a hobby you enjoy. You have no real problems with getting started with tasks, just remember you don’t have to please everyone with your results.


Aug 23rd - Sept 22nd

Main Qualities: Virgo are very very calculated people. They often have a very specific routine and appear very calm. Sometimes Virgo can calculate too much about others which can lead to them jumping to conclusions. They are very detail oriented and love a feeling of security even if it means they have to remain uncomfortable in their current position. They are normally more introverted people and enjoy their alone time. They are very responsible and organized. However, this means they have very perfectionist views.

Productivity downfall: Perfectionist

Productivity tip: As a Virgo you have a tendency to start a task and stop at nothing until its perfect in your eyes. It may be smart to set a timer for yourself or have a top 3 list since it may take you longer to complete tasks than others. Knowing when to stop and take a break is HUGE. For a Virgo, downtime will also help increase motivation.


Sept 23rd - Oct 22nd

Main Qualities: Libras can often take lots of time deciding between all their options. This results in nearly guaranteed success of their choice for most parties involved. They are very diplomatic and will almost always try to do the right thing. They have a desire to help those in need and crave unity. They don’t take well to people treating them unfairly. Meditation is a common hobby among Libras. The downfall of being so diplomatic is sometimes Libras can come off as hypocritical for defending something they don’t actually believe in. They have a hard time expressing their emotions due to overthinking them.

Productivity downfall: Easily distracted or overthinking

Productivity tip: Libras are all about balance and sometimes that can get in the way of work. Libras are caring by nature and feel bad leaving people unanswered. Try putting away some common distractions like your phone. Even turning it to silent will help. Don’t overthink your options or what you have to do for the day either, because you’ll be losing precious time. Make a list in the morning of what needs to be done, and have a back up plan just incase.


Oct 23rd - Nov 22nd

Main Qualities: Scorpio enjoy having alone time so much, they often don’t really even go out unless it’s with close friends or family. They are extremely emotional and are often extremely mature signs. Scorpio often get frustrated when people act childish around them. They are extremely independent. They are very bold, yet friendly and caring.  They are often looked up to and put themselves in the position to move up in the ranks without even doing it intentionally. Although they enjoy their alone time they can be really clingy and have a passion for knowing the truth. Although this could become obsessive and self-destructive. They get jealous easily, but with good reasoning.

Productivity downfall: Procrastination

Productivity tip: No matter how many times you’ve written down your tasks, that alone just doesn’t work. It’s about carving out the time in your day to actually do it. Time blocking is very beneficial to Scorpios because they can visually see the time they have to do something. They try and remember everything also which makes time blocking even more essential. Try actually using your planner or getting an app that has reminders.


Nov 23rd - Dec 21st

Main Qualities: Routines don’t agree with a Sagittarius. They love to be spontaneous and curiosity drives them to explore and learn. They normally love traveling and have friends from around the world. They need to know the “why” to almost everything or they drive themselves crazy trying to find it. They are easily annoyed by those unwanting to better themselves. They are obsessed with learning and knowledge. They love to question things and are highly intelligent. They are very outgoing but that can lead to being restless. Be careful not to get too tied up in change as Sagittarius can sometimes accidentally waste life away chasing something right in front of them.

Productivity downfall: Lack of inspiration

Productivity tip: Create a vision board then set definite goals for yourself. This is huge for any Sagittarius because of their creative and ambitious mind. Often times they get carried away and want to do everything, so narrowing down the focus is important. However, vision boards still give that freedom to dream as big as you want. Sagittarius are all about feeling free in their endeavors. Make sure you are thinking about the long term and not just how you feel right now as well or you’ll wind down a path not meant for you.


Dec 22nd - Jan 19th

Main Qualities: Capricorn are very goal oriented people and often self driven. They do great as entrepreneurs because of their disciplined natures. It’s natural for them to set goals and stick to them. Their gift is being able to see the big picture long term, and know success is achieved over time. They take life seriously, but sometimes too seriously and can obsess over their goals and beat themselves up when they aren’t completed on time. They are often good with numbers and analyzing. Beware that sometimes the goal oriented trait can backfire leading to them not caring for themselves or others as much as their goals. They have a hard time trusting others as they are use to doing everything themselves to ensure the job is done.

Productivity downfall: easily overwhelmed

Productivity tip: Which your goal oriented, that doesn’t mean you’re invincible. Capricorns can get easily overwhelmed when they have all these goals and no plan. Make sure you are planning your every move and are breaking down your goals into manageable action steps. It is very important to distinguish priorities, as well as making sure to schedule time for yourself and others. Not every task has to come full circle with your goals.

So there you have it! Was your sign accurate? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear what your sign is and what you struggle with in terms of productivity.