One little word 2019


I've done four years of one little word, and each year my word burns strong throughout.

If you don't know what the one little word project is, it's when at the beginning of each year you choose a word to live by. And not just live by, but really believe in. 

In 2015 my word was strength, 2016 was consistent, in 2017 my word was persistence, and 2018 my word has been simplistic. In 2015 I was really insecure and it was the peak of my anxiety. It was a very hard discovery for me knowing i had this with me my whole life. In 2016 i decided my word would be consistent. Mainly because I wanted to grow a following on my social platforms. To do this you gotta be consistent. Then in 2017 I decided my word would be persistence. Now that I knew what I wanted to do, nothing was getting in my way. 2018s word was simplistic. I wanted to simplify my branding, my website, productivity, and my life. The only feed back i would give myself is that i didn't work hard enough. I was too simple but i think i needed that. I took a break from school and blogging even. 

That's why my 2019 word is focus. There are going to be so many choices i have to make this year. I'm taking college classes again, getting back into making videos, blogging regularly, and i want to get back into a schedule. I need to step back, take my foot off the gas, and really truly focus.  

I absolutely love doing this at the beginning of the year and i find it helps out SO much. What is your word this year? Let me know!