How To Write a Good Blog Post

The definition of "good" can be a little foggy, but in this post I'll be teaching you how exactly to write a blog post that will capture your reader's attention and answer their questions in an organized fashion. 


Most of my blog posts tend to be quick and to the point while still being informative. That's because step number one is:  

Deciding on Your Main Point  

Like any good writing, you want to be sure that your main point is the answer to your reader's question. Maybe they want to know how to write a blog post (the main reason you clicked on my post), or they want to know how to triple their Instagram following.Whatever they want to know that's what your main point will be. 

The last thing you want is a blog post that talks about 4 different things that don't relate. Pick a point and stick to it. Your main point will stand as your guide for the rest of the post. 

Supporting Points and Details  

Normally you want to support your main idea with different points and Details. For example this posts main point is how to write a blog post. Everything that comes after to explain how is the supporting points. 

This is really where you need to focus because this is the bulk of your content. You want your supporting topics to:  

  • Further explain the main idea  
  • Be related to the content  
  • Be clear and concise  

You may also find it helpful to clearly display when you are talking about a new topic. For example, you'll notice that I have sub headings for each topic I talk about. This lets you as a reader know what I'll be talking about next. Chances are if your post is long, then readers will scan your post for important details, so it is important to have these breaks in your content.

How Much is too Much Evidence

You won't always need evidence in your posts, but if you're making a sales pitch or trying to get your audeince to look at an affiliate link, you may need it.  

My business writing professors always told me that 3 or 4 solid pieces of evidence are always better than 9 or 10 weak pieces. You want to capture your audience's attention off the bat. So putting a statistic in your title or at the beginning of the post is always helpful.  

When you say things like "how I tripled my following" versus "how I got more followers" people are more likely to click. Then inside the post you could back it up with customer reviews, statistics, exclusive features, ect. You don't have to use all of these of course, but instead chose what makes sense for that post. 

Add Graphics or Visuals

Adding graphics and visuals can help break up the content, as well as aid your topic. However be aware that graphics can either help or hurt you. 

When choosing your graphics make sure they:  

  • Relate to the content  
  • Are high quality  
  • Are positioned properly in the post 

Positioning of your images is crucial. You want to make sure the placement makes sense in the post. If you're reading about dogs you wouldn't want to see a picture of a cat. If you're talking about a cat in the next section, wait until your reader gets to that section before adding the cat picture in. 

Low quality graphics can make it seem like you're careless about your content. Make sure you are taking (Or using) the best pictures possible. Also make sure they are free to use for commercial use, you have permission to use them, or you took them yourself to avoid copyright issues.  

Proof Read All of Your Content  

I know a lot of the time autocorrect does it's job, but there is always a chance that it didn't do it well enough.  

There have been plenty of times (including in my own work) that I've seen someone keep typos in their post. It's totally understandable, and sometimes even us as writers miss them ! However it's important that you're looking over your posts carefully for mistakes.  

Save yourself from getting an embarrassing email from a reader (yup. It's happened.) pointing out the typos you made on your homepage or blog post (Or both...)

No matter what you're writing about, following these tips will ensure your writing is focused and to the point.

Do you have any other tips for writing a good blog post ? Leave a comment below!