I used Vero for a week and here's what I think | Vero Review


I first found out about Vero on my Instagram feed. One day literally everyone decided to jump on the bandwagon (I'm dead serious I added like 10 people in one day just by looking through IG stories). 

So I went too.  

I decided it seemed like a good app concept besides the whole controversy over the CEO and the bugs they have yet to fix. I mean it's in beta give them a break. I also decided I would use it for a week to test out all the features and see if I could make some genuine connections with people since that's what it seems to focus on. 

Some things I loved right off the bat: 

  • Links in the descriptions of your posts 
  • Easy to find posts through hashtags 
  • Sharing original types of content 
  • The "connections" feature 
  • No stress of the perfect feed  

Right off the bat I knew this was going to be a decent app for connecting with other bloggers whether they were in my niche or not.  

Here are my thoughts: 

1. It's so easy to get noticed through basic engagement  

This is NOT like Instagram where you comment on someone's picture and nothing happens after that. People on Vero are having CONVERSATIONS in the comments. I am not joking. I can literally comment on someone's post and get 3 followers. The best part is: you know they're real because there aren't any bots yet. All of the people who have followed me so far, I've had a conversation with. As long as you're going out and engaging on posts and searching through popular hashtags, you're bound to find someone interested in your content. The app is still new so people are searching for other users to interact with. So far my tactic is clearly working as I already managed to round up 33 followers.

2. It is also just as easy to find people in your niche with hashtags  

Going back to the previous point, people are looking for users to interact with, so start using that to your advantage by interacting with the people using similar hashtags. I searched #blogger #productivity and #firstpost . The #firstpost hashtag got me the most success because people are looking for other new users. The app is fresh you guys! Now is the time to start. I also found a ton of other bloggers and girl bosses through hashtags.  

3. I made my first ever sale on an affiliate bundle

I only promoted the bundle on Vero. And i got the most responses I've ever gotten. Like... ever. Even when I sent out mass emails for the previous bundle I didn't get any sales. So I'm not sure if people on Vero are more willing to buy or if my audience on Vero was just looking for the bundle at the right time. Either way I credit my sale to posting it on vero.  

 4. The app forces you to connect (In a good way sometimes)

This app is all about actually talking to people. Just posting a photo alone isn't going to get you anywhere. You have to reply to comments and go out of your way to comment on others posts. However the thing that says it all is that you can't message someone unless you "connect" with them. Meaning you need to actually accept a connect request. This is kind of cool, but can get kind of annoying if you just want to ask a question. However on the other side, I think it's a really cool way to get to know who wants to be closer to you, and who is really interested in your content.  

5. More bloggers definitely need to join for it to be successful for me

Right now (March 12th 2018) the app just hit a little over a million users. For this app to be successful for my blog, more bloggers would need to join. We have a lot of artists and lifestyle accounts on here, but we need more of a variety ! Right now I wouldn't say my target market lives on vero, but then again who knows? I made my first sale afterall...

6. This is literally an app for business  

There are so many business owners and so many influencers on this app making it the perfect place to find a collab or business partner. It's just a matter of actually finding those people and engaging with them. 

I've heard a lot of people saying Vero isn't worth it, but in my opinion it's the perfect business tool. You're finding people who are actually engaged with your content, and that's the most important part.  

If you haven't tried it, i would say to at least give it a shot. If you join be sure to add me and we can chat !