More Control Over Money: Personal Finance Softwares


As we grow up, we realize how important it is for us to have a hold of our money. I know we all love the time when we do not have to care for the income outflow or inflow. We just used to spend on whatever we like, whatever we want, growing up is not the way we thought it would be or is it?

As soon as we start earning, we know how much sweat and blood it takes to get that paycheck at the end of the month hence we try to make it possible for us to enjoy our money with full control over it while keeping our future in mind.

There is one more thing that I am noticing recently and would like to discuss, and that is how much we all are keen to invest which makes managing our finances more important for us. Whether to save up for initiating a business or whether to manage your money while in the business.

While changing time changed our lives and made it a little difficult it has also brought few things up that made it easy and that is technology. Where there are several applications and softwares for almost everything it also has softwares that can prepare our budget and manage our finances.

There is a variety of range when we talk about finance; you may want to prepare a budget, track your account`s activities or manage your finances, all you have to do is download software of your choice on either your cell or computer and you are good to go. Check this link out for some helpful information.

Choosing a financial management software is as important as choosing your partner, if chosen correctly, it will last with you forever, and if not then we all know what happens. Following are few softwares that will help you out with controlling your money


For anyone who has not used any software before, this application is best for their use. It helps keep people stay on their budget and guide them not to spend what they have not earned yet. For 35 days you can use it on trial, but afterward $5 is charged to get benefits from it.

It is best for personal use, but it can also be used for a business that needs to manage their budget adequately.


Fortora Fresh Finance is one of those softwares that would only be used on your computer or MAC. Mostly small scale businesses use it to monitor their financial activities. It can be operated from two to three computers. FFF is also considering to upgrade the software to make it available for more than three computers at a time.


This software is around us for quite some time now. Anyone who is not a big fan of a lot of feature in just one application has to consider installing this software. With the variety of versions, Quicken allows its user to select whichever version they find best for them.


With options like budget planning, money management and tracking your investment ACEMoney is one of the most developed software there is to be used. AceMoney is not just translated into different languages, but it also has the capability to support more than 150 currencies.

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