Handling complaints on Social Media


A lot of the time larger businesses or even smaller ones have to handle complaints or questions on social media. 

I see it all the time. People's first reactions are to take to social media. This can not only be frustrating but damaging to a businesses reputation. 

So here are 4 steps to follow for diffusing issues on social media.  

1. Acknowledgement  

The first thing you'll want to do is address the comment on your social media either by replying to the message saying you've acknowledged it or saying you sent a DM. Basically you don't want to fully address the situation on social media since you don't want to create more problems. You just want to acknowledge that you or your team has seen the message and that you or your team plans to respond. 

2. Take it off social media  

The next thing you do is take the conversation off social media. This could be done in your initial address as well. Say something like "We see your concern and want to work with you to fix it. Please contact us here ...." and send them contact info. You can also send them a direct message afterward with any steps to take or people to contact. 

3. What If multiple people are involved ? 

The best way to address everyone quickly is to make a public announcement on your social media platforms stating that you're aware of the issue and that you're working to fix it. Also be sure to give contact information if they need to follow up personally.   

4. Once it's off social media 

Once you get them off social media, remember it is up to your customer service team (or yourself) to diffuse the issue. Try not to promise free items or discounts publically since that will ultimately encourage more people to take to social media.