Why you need a welcome email + ideas to get started


I'm sure by now you've heard about email marketing. Maybe you're even on a few lists yourself. Maybe you have a list of your own. If you don't, you should definitely have one. I'll use the cliche scenario of what would you do if social media shut down tomorrow. Do you have a way to reach your existing audience? More realistically, email marketing is pretty huge because it reaches out to your audience members individually.  

Assuming you have your list already though, what is a welcome email? A welcome email is an email that sends to a new subscriber as soon as they give you their information welcoming them to your community. Seems straightforward right?

But what exactly makes a welcome email so important? 

Your welcome email has the power to convert and at the very least it provides an opportunity to reach out to your new potential client and get them interested in your content. 

There are 3 things I think every single welcome email should include no matter what.

1. An introduction

This could be as simple as stating your name, explaining your brand story, or welcoming them to the list. It's important do to a mini introduction to gain the trust of your new list member especially if you're a smaller business or blogger. 

2. An incentive to keep subscribed  

Why should your new list member stay? Are you going to send them coupons to use? Is there exclusive content you'll send them? Will they be the first to know about upcoming projects? Let them know this in the email.

3. Links back to your community

Make sure you let them know where they can follow you! Do you have instagram? Pinterest? Twitter? A private community they can join? Make these links obvious.  

Now here's 3 ideas for your list based off of what you should include

1. What value your list can expect


 2. Send a discount code for your products (if you don't have a product maybe send a freebie)


3. explain your products and/or services


So go out and make an amazing welcome email! To see my example you can always sign up for my list on my website homepage ;) you get a discount code for my Etsy shop as well!