10 Ways to Master Productivity


Increasing productivity is something I've heard almost every girl boss say they've wanted to do. It's really no suprise why. The more you can get done, the less you'll have piled up over time. However the mistakes come in when people think smacking together a huge to do list and just going for it is the way to go.

There are MANY ways to correctly increase productivity. In this post you'll learn 10 of those ways to increase and master your productivity. 

1.  Planning 

Planning should make up 50% of your entire process. The rest is actually creating and getting it out there. You'll need to set up a planning system. Planning is the basis of all productivity. If you plan incorrectly you won't have a clear path and it'll take you longer to succeed. 

2.  Focused mindset

You'll need to keep your focus.  Remove distractions, declutter, etc. Whatever you need to do to make sure you are focused on the task at hand. Multitasking is a HUGE no when it comes to productivity.

3. Prioritizing

Prioritizing goes hand and hand with planning. Knowing what needs to be done and knowing how to rank your tasks is essential to getting whats necessary done. Sure you can smack a to do list together and start tackling it; however, what if you don't have as much time for everything as you thought? Now you need to cut tasks. Have you done all the important stuff first ?

4. Routines 

Routines keep us in the habit of doing things each day or each time you do something. You have morning routines, night routines, blog post writing routines, relaxing routines, etc. Make sure you're adding productive and motivating tasks to these routines. 

5. Organize

This is actually way more important than you think. Clutter leads to distraction, anxiety, and overwhelm - 3 things you definitely don't want. Keeping an organized space helps keep focus.

6.  Don't overwork

Schedule according to how much you can actually handle. Overloading yourself is not good and in super extreme cases has been known to be fatal. It's not very likely you'll overwork yourself to exhaustion, but you should still be careful. Your health, physical and mental, should come first.  

7.  Learn to manage your time

Time management is another one of those building block topics of productivity. Learning to time block, schedule time, make the most of your time, etc. Is all key to time management. Productivity pretty much is "how much value can you get for your time".

8.  Learn to stay motivated

This is a tough one for a lot of us because motivation fades so quick for some.  Finding your "why" is important. It will be your guide through unmotivated times. 

9.  Learn to cope with overwhelm

The key to overwhelm is to first figure out what part is making you overwhelmed. Part 2 is learning to fix that. Is there too much to do? Do you not have a plan? Are you afraid you won't have enough time ? 

10. Know your productivity methods

There are honestly SO many. One a lot of people know of is called the pomodoro technique. It's an efficient method that provides breaks the more you work. Having a set of methods you like will make it easier to get stuff done in the long run.  

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