Why motivation alone won't keep you going

Motivation is a great thing to possess. It's what gets you started and sparks your interest. 

But what happens when motivation isn't enough?  


We all know the new years resolutions deal. You make goals. You're motivated. You never actually follow through with them. Do you want to know why ? 

Motivation alone won't keep you going.  

In order to keep yourself going you have to turn that motivation into a habit.  

Doesn't it make sense? You see a bunch of workouts you want to try, so you do a few of them. You're making progress but you fall off. What went wrong ? You didn't make it a habit.  

So how does something become a habit ? 

They say it takes 30 days to turn something into a habit. 

Keep in mind this means continual practice. Continual effort.  

Look back at your "why". This will keep the fire burning until you've reached a point where it's natural to you. Your why is the reason you started. The motivational spark. The initial moment you decided to be better.  

Keep a tracker if you need to, or join an accountability group. I have a Facebook group you can join for productivity support and tips. Click here to request to join  

Here you will find a group of ladies ready to support you and you can learn in the process as well.  

So what are you waiting for ? Go turn some of that motivation into a habit and slay your goals.