Snapchat for bloggers and business

Snapchat is one of the newer business tools, and it's often overlooked. I know I completely overlooked Snapchat myself. However it targets my exact ideal audience. While I'm not opposed to people outside the millenial range following me, it is who I target. I was reading a few other posts about Snapchat statistics and one of them said that about 90% of Snapchat is millennials. So when I heard that I figured I'd better hop on the platform. So now I'm on Snapchat

Snapchat, for those of you who don't know, is a platform in which you can send videos, pictures, or text, and it only stays for 10 seconds before it deletes forever. If you post to your story it'll stay for 24 hours. You can also chat with people and, unless you save the conversation, it'll delete after you read it. So it's a very fast paced platform which a lot of people like. You can add people via username, snapcode (you just screenshot the code, go to add via snapcode, and select the screenshot. It'll scan the code for you and add that person.), contacts, etc. 

The buzz lately has been how to use this for bloggers and business owners. So today I'm gonna tell you the top 3 reasons why you should be on this platform.


Limited time content  

Content on Snapchat is very exclusive in the fact that it only lasts for 24 hours. You can create limited time coupons, flash sales, give sneak peeks,  and more with the notion that it's 24 hours only. Promote your special coupons on Snapchat, and then drive in traffic by posting it to your Instagram saying "Snapchat followers get a coupon for 24 hours only!". This will let people on your other platforms know that they should be following you on Snapchat as well if they want exclusive content. Everyone loves feeling in the loop about something. Especially if it's exclusive.  

More of a personal platform  

Snapchat is definitely a more personal platform. This is awesome because your audience gets to connect with you in a way they can't really do over Instagram or Facebook. This is a huge plus, because if clients are looking to work with you, they can easily see another side of your personality through Snapchat. Don't be afraid to be relatable on Snapchat ! Yeah Instagram and Facebook are definitely more formal platforms that require a more professional look, but not on Snapchat. Be your raw self.

"Swipe up" link feature  

So far, Instagram's link feature is exclusive to only certain accounts. This is what gives Snapchat the advantage. Snapchats link feature is available to all accounts. Which means you can link to blog posts, websites, lead pages, etc. This is great for those days when you want to promote something without saying "Link in my bio" instead you can literally swipe up on the snap to get there. This was one of the main features that drew me in. 


If you use snapchat, what are some ways you use it for your blog or business ??? Comment down below, and don't forget to re-pin if you found this helpful.  

As always, thanks for reading! 

How to increase blog traffic without spending money

A lot of the time you see Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and even paid Pinterest ads when you're just scrolling through your feed. 

It's somewhat of a misconception that you need to pay for ads in order to increase traffic to a post or product. Of course paying for ads will in fact increase traffic, but it is most definitely NOT a requirement. I currently rake in about 1,000 views every month  (And it's only my 4th month blogging) by not paying a single dime. 

Here's a not so secret: most of my traffic comes from Pinterest. However that's not all I use to increase my traffic. It comes from quite a few other sources as well, and I'll be listing my top sources of traffic for you today, as well as what I'm doing on each platform.

*This post contains affiliate links* 


Pinterest is my main source of blog traffic with over 40% last month, and 60% the month previous. To newbies, Pinterest can seem like a puzzle. You're just sort of pinning things and hoping for results. I've been there. Trust me. However there are a few things you need to do to be successful on Pinterest. 

  1. Join group boards. Pinterest Group boards can give you a ton of exposure. One of my pins is saved to over 150 boards because I posted it to a well known group board. This gets your blog more views because hundreds of eyes see that pin. I have a Productivity and Organization Group Board if you want to check it out. Just click here to get to my Pinterest profile. 
  2. Join Pinterest Facebook groups. I'm in a group called "bloggers unite on pinterest" And it's the best group I've ever been in for pinterest promotion and engagement. Just type that in to Facebook search and they should come up
  3. Make sure you have a board specifically for just your blog posts. This way people who like your content can read your posts directly instead of hunting for them. 


Facebook groups  

  1. Not a ton of traffic comes from Facebook groups, but it does help! Like I mentioned above "bloggers unite on pinterest" is a good group to be in. You can also join other groups that allow promotion on certain days or even a bloggers promotion group which they do have out there. My Facebook group had promotion Wednesday's so feel free to request to join
  1. This is one of the most genius ways to get more eyes on your posts. It's already on Facebook so people have the ability to instantly share the post, and in a group with a medium amount of people (overly large groups tend to loose posts quick), it's sure to be seen. 


Instagram has been a driver of traffic for some time now. I always make sure to use my to my advantage. If you haven't heard of yet, it's a platform that allows you to create somewhat idea basic landing page with all the links you want to share. It then generates a link to the landing page in which you then put that link in your Instagram website section. 

I have a link to my blog there along with my other freebies and offers.  

Hashtags are also an extremely important part of my Instagram strategy. The instantbossclub membership has over 2,000 hashtags for a wide range of niches.  It's worth looking in to.  

I always make a weekly post sharing the newest blog post, so people know they can go read it. Unfortunately Instagram's link feature isn't available for all accounts yet which is why I love Snapchat.


While Snapchat isn't a huge driver of traffic yet, but it helps to be able to directly link my posts somewhere. The Snapchat link feature is available to all users. I wish Instagram would get on board. Snapchat for me is more of a personal place for my followers who truly care about the person behind the blog. If you want to be part of my snapchat fam use my Snap code below or click this link



Social media is the biggest driver of my traffic at over 70%. Others include direct links, searches, etc. However with social media you don't have to spend a dime.  That's the beauty of social media marketing, and joining like minded groups. The ability to freely share your posts, and the overwhelming support you can get through your followers is priceless.

Let me know how you drive traffic in the comments !

5 Free Stock Photo Resources

I'm sure we have all been there. Can't figure out what to post on Instagram, can't find a high quality image, or you simply want a cohesive feed. Trying to take every single image by yourself or even searching for stock photos takes up a TON of your time. Wouldn't you rather be doing something else ? Well look no further ! Today I am going to direct you to 5 of my favorite free stock photo resources. 

1. Wonderfelle   


@Wonderfelle is an absolutely amazing stock photo resource. Not only are her paid works affordable and professional, but she has a free stock photo offer on her Instagram ! Signing up for her email list will get you a bundle of free stock photos to use with no strings attatched for your use. Credit is always appreciated.

2. Ivorymix 


My personal favorite is ivorymix. I bought two bundles of 10 photos for  $15 on her website (Yes. $15 total). However signing up for her email list will land you a free bundle EVERY month and access to the previous free bundles. Giving you a library of about 100 photos (currently) to choose from with more being added every single month. It's a deal you can't pass up.

3. Pexels


Pexels is a free website for pictures to use for personal or commercial use. All of the pictures are under the creative commons license, so you can literally use them however. It's one of my absolute favorite places for blog images and commercial use photos.

4. PicsArt  (@freetoedit)  


If you go to the picsart app and follow @freetoedit, they post HUNDREDS of photos that are free to use commercially and personally. Consider it your collection of photos acquired from all the creative commons places out there. IF there is someone to be crdited it will tell you at the top where the original image is from; however, all the ones I've ever encountered  (and that's a lot) have been from creative commons.

5. Pixabay  



Pixabay is another creative commons website. Here you can search free images, videos, vectors, etc. If you're ever confused if you need to give credit, it will tell you next to the download button. Make sure you're under the free photos section and you should be all good. 

What are your favorite stock photo resources ?? Leave me a comment and let me know ! 💖