5 Free Stock Photo Resources

I'm sure we have all been there. Can't figure out what to post on Instagram, can't find a high quality image, or you simply want a cohesive feed. Trying to take every single image by yourself or even searching for stock photos takes up a TON of your time. Wouldn't you rather be doing something else ? Well look no further ! Today I am going to direct you to 5 of my favorite free stock photo resources. 

1. Wonderfelle   


@Wonderfelle is an absolutely amazing stock photo resource. Not only are her paid works affordable and professional, but she has a free stock photo offer on her Instagram ! Signing up for her email list will get you a bundle of free stock photos to use with no strings attatched for your use. Credit is always appreciated.

2. Ivorymix 


My personal favorite is ivorymix. I bought two bundles of 10 photos for  $15 on her website (Yes. $15 total). However signing up for her email list will land you a free bundle EVERY month and access to the previous free bundles. Giving you a library of about 100 photos (currently) to choose from with more being added every single month. It's a deal you can't pass up.

3. Pexels


Pexels is a free website for pictures to use for personal or commercial use. All of the pictures are under the creative commons license, so you can literally use them however. It's one of my absolute favorite places for blog images and commercial use photos.

4. PicsArt  (@freetoedit)  


If you go to the picsart app and follow @freetoedit, they post HUNDREDS of photos that are free to use commercially and personally. Consider it your collection of photos acquired from all the creative commons places out there. IF there is someone to be crdited it will tell you at the top where the original image is from; however, all the ones I've ever encountered  (and that's a lot) have been from creative commons.

5. Pixabay  



Pixabay is another creative commons website. Here you can search free images, videos, vectors, etc. If you're ever confused if you need to give credit, it will tell you next to the download button. Make sure you're under the free photos section and you should be all good. 

What are your favorite stock photo resources ?? Leave me a comment and let me know ! 💖