Why motivation alone won't keep you going

Motivation is a great thing to possess. It's what gets you started and sparks your interest. 

But what happens when motivation isn't enough?  


We all know the new years resolutions deal. You make goals. You're motivated. You never actually follow through with them. Do you want to know why ? 

Motivation alone won't keep you going.  

In order to keep yourself going you have to turn that motivation into a habit.  

Doesn't it make sense? You see a bunch of workouts you want to try, so you do a few of them. You're making progress but you fall off. What went wrong ? You didn't make it a habit.  

So how does something become a habit ? 

They say it takes 30 days to turn something into a habit. 

Keep in mind this means continual practice. Continual effort.  

Look back at your "why". This will keep the fire burning until you've reached a point where it's natural to you. Your why is the reason you started. The motivational spark. The initial moment you decided to be better.  

Keep a tracker if you need to, or join an accountability group. I have a Facebook group you can join for productivity support and tips. Click here to request to join  

Here you will find a group of ladies ready to support you and you can learn in the process as well.  

So what are you waiting for ? Go turn some of that motivation into a habit and slay your goals.  

Simple tips to stay motivated

Have you ever set a new years resolution or long term goal? Remember what it felt like to be so excited to finally get started? It felt like a transformation was finally going to happen. Then the inevitable hits. We fall off track. 

This happens to thousands of people each and every time they set a new goal. I don't deny it's happened to me too! Too many times to count, and it still happens to me to this day. However, now it's less likely for me to fall off track because of the simple tips I am going to share with you in this post. You'll learn how to stay motivated throughout your mission, and break the cycle of falling off track.


1. Write your goals down

It is scientifically proven that when you actually write your goals down you will remember them better. If you remember them better, then you'll be more likely to act on them. Most people skip out on this step or write it down in their phones. Which if you put it in your phone, you can an A for effort, but it's still not as effective. After reading this post I challenge you to write down your goals on a piece of paper. You can make it as simple or as creative as you would like. For bonus points, hang it up somewhere you'll see it every day. 

2. Remember your why

This is the number one reason people don't take their goals seriously or follow through until the end. They forget why they are doing it in the first place! Your why is the main reason you are on your mission. It's why you even chose to improve. You picked a specific goal because it matters to you! However sometimes we get discouraged and forget our "why". Whether it be because we aren't seeing results, or we don't think we can do it anymore. Forgetting your "why" will throw you off course, because without it there would be no point to moving forward. Time and time again I read stories from other women who say that they got off course and never looked back because they didn't see a point to their goals anymore. So to prevent this from happening, after you write a goal, be sure to also include the following things:

  • Why did you create this goal?
  • Why is it important to you?
  • How will you feel after you accomplish it?
  • What are you going to do to insure you keep on track?

By also including these items along side your goals, you'll have a consistent reminder of why you started in the first place.

3.  Reward good action 

This may seem like common sense, but the unfortunate truth is that most people focus on the negative instead of looking at what they have accomplished. Being women we are already constantly trying to live up to the standard. There is a lot of pressure on us from ourselves and other people! While we should always be in the mindset of believing in ourselves, this is real life. Sometimes things get us down and we can only think about the negative. What I use to do that was really helpful was to create goal checkpoints. Once I reached these set checkpoints I would reward myself. A fun activity idea is to create a jar filled with potential rewards for completing a checkpoint. It could be a spa day, cheat day, lazy day, hair appointment, see a movie, etc. Once you reach the checkpoint pull an idea randomly from the jar and see what you get! If you don't want to go the creative route, you could always start with a small rewards for the checkpoints and work your way to a big reward once your goal is complete. Here is an example:

  • Goal: Lose 10 pounds
  • Checkpoint: lose 2 pounds 
    • reward: Manicure
  • Checkpoint: lose 8 pounds
    • Reward: hair appointment
  • Finish: lose 10 pounds
    • Reward: spa day

Don't eliminate this process of rewarding yourself! It's been scientifically proven that incentives help us follow through. 

4. Track your progress

 Whether this be through a planner, or a journal, or even an app you should be tracking your progress. We are hard on ourselves as it is and sometimes we fail to see our progress if it's not in front of our faces. Just like previously stated, make sure you are rewarding you progress . Tracking your progress should not only keep you accountable, but it should make you excited to continue on your journey! You also don't want to lose track of where you are. My favorite thing about tracking progress is being able to look back at where I started and see where I am now! A lot of the time there is a huge difference, and it makes me really proud to be where I am after the journey. Here are some ways you can track your progress:

  • Dedicate a planner to your goals and progress
  • Keep a journal
  • Have a vision board where you make note of where you are at
  • a calendar app 
  • (if it's a weight goal, MyFitness Pal is amazing! I've used this in the past.)


5. Have others keep you accountable 

Having someone to keep you accountable is a great way to make sure you stay on the right path. When you have someone else keeping you accountable it's no longer you against yourself. You now are continuing on for someone else as well. It's even better if you can get your partners to follow along with you on your journey! It's always a lot more fun and enjoyable to have someone else to talk to when you're feeling unmotivated or unsure. There is a wide variety of places you can find accountability partners. Facebook groups are one of the best types of communities because there are probably hundreds of people just like you in the same boat. You can even go the simple route and ask people in your Instagram community or niche as well. Women help other women succeed, so don't be afraid to reach out! You'd be surprised how many people are willing to help and encourage.

Following these simple tips will help you to stay motivated and to never have to worry about falling off the wagon again! With the right mindset and a little help you'll reach the end of your first goal in no time!

As always thanks for reading!