Blogging for Beginners - finding your niche

When picking a focus for work, our blogs, etc. It can get pretty tricky. I've heard many complaints on this topic, and it's overall confusion.

We simply don't know where to begin, and starting is most definitely the hardest part. 

To get started with picking our focus we have to think of a few things:

  1. Our interests  
  2. The longevity of the topic  
  3. How you can grow / expand with that topic
  4. What our end goal is for ourselves  

So, lets get started. 

Looking at our interests  

Looking at our interests is step number 1. what are we interested in ? What topics spark  your interest ?? Maybe you love helping other bloggers, or perhaps you're passionate about helping people succeed financially. If you like social media or planning for example use these interests to create your focus. Things you're interested in make good niches. However, really look deep with this one. Have you always been interested in this, or is this interest just a fad? "Fad interests" are something that is only a temporary fascination. Make sure you're watching out for this, because you don't want to choose a niche that you'll only be interested in for a little while and then get bored.

Looking at the end goal  

I know I have this listed as number 4, but after giving it some thought, it honestly should go after number 1. Looking at the end goal is the most important part in my opinion. You've looked at your interests which is awesome. So now you probably have a physical or mental list of topics. However, what is your overall goal ? What are you trying to achieve in opening your blog ?  

For example, I created paper and a plan to help women content creators and biz owners alike, achieve success through planning and productivity. I had to think about who I wanted to help, and how I wanted to do it. 

The longevity of your niche  

Now that you may have narrowed down your ideas, let's look at what the hell I'm talking about in this point. Can this topic be covered over time? If so, then this may be a good choice. Create a short list of possible topics. If the ideas keep flowing, that's good! Topics and solutions are consistent in the world. Maybe there's a new blogging platform you can cover. Or a new social media platform comes out.

 How can you expand

what can you see yourself covering for a long time ? Will you still be interested in this topic in the future ?? You can of course shift your focus, but you want to still remain consistent in your content niche. Plus can you create evergreen content ? Evergreen content is content you can write now and it can still be relevant in 5 years to some extent. For example: how to build a WordPress site. Or basic fashion advice for newbies. If evergreen content can be easily made then this might be a good choice. With a little thinking, almost any topic can have evergreen content, but it's always good to have a large selection of topics. you'll want to also be sure you can shift within your niche. Maybe one day you'll want to focus on all desserts instead of just cakes. Make sure there's room for growth. 

If you have questions feel free to leave a comment,  and don't be shy! Share this with other beginning bloggers.