How to make money on Instagram using Heartbeat

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Many of you took interest in my last post "3 easy ways to make money on Instagram", and I got a ton of questions on the Heartbeat program I use.

Some of you jumped on the bandwagon right after I made the post, but I'm sure others of you were a little hesitant because making money for posting on Instagram seems too good to be true. However, I am here to tell you that it's not. It is 100% possible to get paid to post pictures on Instagram. 

Here's how:

Heartbeat is a website that allows you to sign up for an account and start earning money from campaigns you promote on Instagram. 

It is super easy to sign up for an account, and takes less than 15 minutes to get everything set up. Heartbeat has you fill out mini quizzes to find out more about your interests so they can send offers that match your niche and what you're most interested in. 

Screenshot (29).png

If you're still not convinced, every ambassador for HeartBeat will get a chance to redeem exclusive discount codes to get offered products at a reduced price! So even if you don't qualify for the campaign, you can still get the same discounted offers. 

HeartBeat will pay you a set rate for each of the posts you make. Sometimes the campaign is in exchange for a free product, so just make sure you read the details completely. Although usually it'll say flat out at the beginning if it's paid or not, so you don't waste your time. 

My personal rate per post is $10. There are multiple ways to increase your rate amount, so be on the look out for those opportunities. 

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The campaigns I have completed have paid me about a week after completing the campaign, and they're always on top of their payments! I had a few questions and their team got back to me super fast. 

Keep in mind the only way to get paid right now from my understanding (as of 10/5/17) is through PayPal. So make sure you have that account set up before hand so you can get your payments!

In addition to payments from the campaigns, you can also get payments from referring your friends and readers! They pay you $1 per sign up after the person you referred completes their first campaign! It's a win-win because you get a bonus, and they just made money for posting on Instagram. 

This isn't going to get you rich, but I can tell you it has helped out a lot when I've needed extra spending money, or if I have a credit card minimum payment due *COUGH*. PLUS all you're doing is posting pictures related to the campaign on your page.

If you're worried about it being spammy, most campaigns only require you to keep the post up for 72 hours before deleting. Make sure you read the rules of the campaign though, or you'll lose out on the payment.

Screenshot (30).png


I have successfully completed two campaigns myself, and I can truly say this website is legit. No scams, actual pay, and plenty of opportunities to sign up. I've turned down more than I've accepted because I want it to relate to my audience. However, I get multiple emails a month from them asking to sign up for campaigns I qualify for.  

if you want to earn money for posting on Instagram too, then click the button below or click HERE to sign up !

Creating a Blogging Schedule - Blogging for beginners

This is the second post in my blogging for beginners series, and I'll be showing you a couple of ways to create a blogging schedule. First we will go into how many times you should be posting, and what the exceptions are. Then I'll go over the different ways to create a blog schedule that works around your week. 

Most beginning bloggers don't know how to accomplish this seemingly impossible task. I didn't really know what I was doing at first either, admittedly, which is perfectly okay! If you don't really know where to start or what you're doing, then sit tight because this post will hopefully help give you some clarity.

Time Management (12).png


How often should you post to your blog?

This has always been a topic of conversation, because nobody can seem to figure out the perfect formula to what works the best. So this is the best advice I can give you as to what to do.

First off, take a general look at how your schedule is from day to day. This is the most important thing. If you can manage 2 blog posts a week, do it. A number of studies show that posting twice a week helps with your search optimization. So basically, your website is considered "active" by Google or whatever search engine. This helps your site show up closer towards the top of the search. I always recommend putting out as many posts as you can when you're first starting out. Maybe you do twice or three times a week. 

However, once you get active readers coming to your blog (which is a lot more attainable than you think!) you can tone it down a bit if you need to. However, two times a week is still recommended. 

What's more important than how many times you post, is how consistently you post. This is where the schedule comes into play. If your readers know you post twice a month, then stick with that. If your readers know you post three times a week, stick with that. It's equally how many times you post, and how consistent you are with it.

How to make your blog schedule

There are a few ways you could go about making your ACTUAL schedule. However, there are a few things you should do before hand to accomplish this.

  1. Look at your weekly schedule for re-occurring events
  2. Brain storm a lot of ideas (like.... A LOT)
  3. Figure out what type of schedule you like best: digital or paper

I'll go over both digital schedules and paper schedules.

Digital schedules

Bloggers usually prefer this method because it allows you to move things around without much repercussion and mess. It's super easy to just change the date or time on your event  versus scratching something out. 

I suggest using google spreadsheets or excel for this one. Most of the time they will have calendar templates built into the program. I know for sure google does.

The digital method doesn't work as well for me, so I use paper.

Paper Schedules

This is great for those of you who need to have it in front of your face, physically in order to remember. Writing things down also helps you remember more than just typing something into your phone or computer.

There are a ton of different planners out there. More recently; however, I have ALWAYS recommended an hourly planner. 

Time Management (13).png


Actually Creating the Schedule

First what you'll want to do is dissect your week. Look at what events are reoccurring and schedule those in first. Then look at the time you have left. For example: if you work a 9-5, then you know what needs to get done has to be before or after those times. Maybe you have a one hour break for lunch. LEAVE SPACE FOR IT! You'd be surprised how much you can get done in that hour break period. 

Now that you have your reoccurring events down, look at what other major events you have.  Some examples would be doctors appointments, school activities, date night, etc. Be sure you schedule time for these next, or you might accidentally schedule something over it.

Last should be your other obligations, and/or hobbies, and errands. THIS is where you schedule in time for you blog. If you're looking at your schedule thinking "omg I can't do this". STOP. It's not that hard. You're making excuses for yourself, and you know it. If your blog is high on your priority list, then you'll get it done. Trust me. 

If you have to get up an hour earlier, then do it. If you have to stay up an extra hour, then do it. If you have to spend 30 minutes of your 1 hour break making graphics, then do it. If all you have is Friday night or the weekend, you gotta do it if it's that important to you.

Be stubborn with your schedule once you have it. However, make sure you have some cushion room. What I mean by this is: if you get out of class at 1:25, and you have to drive home, but you schedule yourself to do your blog post at 1:30. This probably isn't the smartest thing to do because you aren't allowing yourself that cushion time to get home and chill out for a second. If a task takes you longer than you thought, you want to make sure there's a time cushion.

Something you should keep in mind is that you do NOT have to get everything done in one sitting AT ALL. I actually recommend breaking things up and doing them throughout the week. It's less overwhelming this way. 

If you want to get a better look at how I schedule things out, be sure you are following me on my planner Instagram. I share how my planner looks and some awesome tools I use in conjunction with it.


Blogging for Beginners - finding your niche

When picking a focus for work, our blogs, etc. It can get pretty tricky. I've heard many complaints on this topic, and it's overall confusion.

We simply don't know where to begin, and starting is most definitely the hardest part. 

To get started with picking our focus we have to think of a few things:

  1. Our interests  
  2. The longevity of the topic  
  3. How you can grow / expand with that topic
  4. What our end goal is for ourselves  

So, lets get started. 

Looking at our interests  

Looking at our interests is step number 1. what are we interested in ? What topics spark  your interest ?? Maybe you love helping other bloggers, or perhaps you're passionate about helping people succeed financially. If you like social media or planning for example use these interests to create your focus. Things you're interested in make good niches. However, really look deep with this one. Have you always been interested in this, or is this interest just a fad? "Fad interests" are something that is only a temporary fascination. Make sure you're watching out for this, because you don't want to choose a niche that you'll only be interested in for a little while and then get bored.

Looking at the end goal  

I know I have this listed as number 4, but after giving it some thought, it honestly should go after number 1. Looking at the end goal is the most important part in my opinion. You've looked at your interests which is awesome. So now you probably have a physical or mental list of topics. However, what is your overall goal ? What are you trying to achieve in opening your blog ?  

For example, I created paper and a plan to help women content creators and biz owners alike, achieve success through planning and productivity. I had to think about who I wanted to help, and how I wanted to do it. 

The longevity of your niche  

Now that you may have narrowed down your ideas, let's look at what the hell I'm talking about in this point. Can this topic be covered over time? If so, then this may be a good choice. Create a short list of possible topics. If the ideas keep flowing, that's good! Topics and solutions are consistent in the world. Maybe there's a new blogging platform you can cover. Or a new social media platform comes out.

 How can you expand

what can you see yourself covering for a long time ? Will you still be interested in this topic in the future ?? You can of course shift your focus, but you want to still remain consistent in your content niche. Plus can you create evergreen content ? Evergreen content is content you can write now and it can still be relevant in 5 years to some extent. For example: how to build a WordPress site. Or basic fashion advice for newbies. If evergreen content can be easily made then this might be a good choice. With a little thinking, almost any topic can have evergreen content, but it's always good to have a large selection of topics. you'll want to also be sure you can shift within your niche. Maybe one day you'll want to focus on all desserts instead of just cakes. Make sure there's room for growth. 

If you have questions feel free to leave a comment,  and don't be shy! Share this with other beginning bloggers.  


How my fossil smartwatch became my favorite productivity tool

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When you think of electronics, I'm sure the last thing you think it's productive. We often associate electronics like phones, tablets, etc as distractions.  It's suggested they are off and away. However something I learned is that as long as you use them effectively, they can be extremely useful. 

Recently I bought a fossil smartwatch. It's the older generation, but it still works amazing for what it is. It's real leather with rose gold trim. The band is a little big, but I fell in love with the watch. It runs on android wear, so its best functionality is with android users. It syncs to your phone and works with most Google apps, facebook messanger, texting, music, calendar, snapchat, etc. I've been loving it so far.

Needless to say there are many social media apps it links to, but it also links to some pretty important productivity apps.

Time Management (9).png


It syncs with Google keep which is what I'm currently using to make my on the go to do lists, schedules, etc. When I need to write something down quick and can't pull out my planner. Google keep is one of my favorite productivity apps, and it's very convenient to have on my wrist !  

The next app it syncs with is my Google calendar app. This is an obvious one, but the ability to check out what I have going on for the day, or next day is really a game changer. I don't always like to pull out my phone, flip through the dates, etc just to find something. The watch will tell you any upcoming events within a day or two. Just enough time to prep, and it'll give you a notification.  

My email is also synced with my watch, which means that I can read and respond to emails right from my wrist. This is great for when I have someone ask me a question, send in a guest post, or respond to my automatic emails and newsletters. It's an on the go must have for when I can't have my phone out. 

You can also set alarms right from the watch. I love this for my wake up alarm because it will legit keep vibrating until it is turned off. So I actually have to get up and turn it off. It's also useful for any reminders or to do list tasks you may have forgotten about. 

It's actually helpful to be able to see my Instagram notifications as well. If someone comments or sends me a message, I won't be able to reply to it on my watch, but it will open it on my phone. Even if I'm unable to reply right away, I'll still know someone is trying to reach me.  

Either way this watch is great for on the go productivity, and it is a great companion to my phone. No extra line required 💪. If you're looking to boost your productivity, then consider this smartwatch !  

The one I linked on this post is the gen 1 model, but be sure to check out the gen 2 model as well. As always, please read reviews and do research on the product and sellers before buying. 

Thanks for reading , and leave me a comment below if you have, or are interested in a smart watch for productivity.