September 2019 Astrology forecast + Productivity Analysis

Hey guys! So today I thought I would set the September mood now that we are past week 1 with the monthly astrology forecast, and productivity tips to use to battle the vibes of September. This is something new I’m doing and I thought it would be interesting for you guys too. My Astrology and Productivity post was one of the most popular posts by far and so I thought I’d continue the trend.

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So I can better give you guys tips I’ve cut it into different sections. Everything bolded is from cafe astrology.

“  The New Moon near the end of August in the sign of Virgo continues to affect us in September, setting the tone. We’re also beginning the month with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all in the sign of Virgo! The New Moon promised us opportunities to take charge of our lives through organizing, editing, and refining work as well as better attention to health. This is a fertile and productive time. This is a brilliant time for gently freeing ourselves from limiting circumstances and finding more joy through our daily routines, work, or pursuit of health. With a full line-up of inner planets in Virgo, they’re all harmonizing with Saturn and Pluto and clashing with Jupiter and Neptune this month. We’re likely to enjoy multiple opportunities to get our lives together while battling expectations. “

So for the first half of the month we are being set up for success. This is an amazing time to set up daily routines, get a schedule going, bust out that planner you’ve been ignoring since March - ehem…..

It’s all about getting organized and getting yourself on track again after the craziness of the year. One bit of advice I’ll offer based on the forecast is that we should keep our expectations relatively realistic instead of expecting so much from ourselves. I know it can be hard with so much on our plates, but it is also super important to not overwhelm ourselves.

The key to balance lies in identifying and expressing our spiritual needs while maintaining order in our everyday lives. Saturn turns direct on the 18th, and is a strong reminder to take care of our responsibilities and to bring our goals down to earth. With Saturn’s direct turn, our responsibilities, and perhaps our limitations, are magnified. Gradually, our long-term goals and plans become clearer. “

This is the perfect opportunity to look deeper into ourselves and really narrow down what our goal are. It could be from a month from now, a year from now, or maybe even life goals! Stay focused though, and don’t get too ahead of yourself. This is a time to be realistic with what’s going on around you. Take responsibility for your actions. Make sure you get things done. Make sure you keep your focus.

The end of the month is quite a switch from the beginning.

We may be misled easily under this influence, whether by others or by our own unrealistic or inflated expectations. We may need to deal with the consequences of disorganization, extravagance, neglect, or exaggeration. The tendency for restlessness is magnified, and routine seems to be particularly unsatisfying now. This is a time when we easily take a detour from a practical path. It can also be a time when we are disillusioned by something (or someone). We need to watch carefully for a tendency to evade and avoid things, as well as for writing ourselves new beliefs or philosophies that justify this avoidance. There can be a lot of wandering, meandering, and lack of groundedness happening with this influence, some of which can be helpful in moderation. We might have troubles setting boundaries for ourselves, however. There is a need to come down to earth from time to time.”

My advice would be to stay true to yourself during this period. Don’t compare your step 1 to someone else’s ending. Everything happens for a reason. The Universe has a strict timing for everything that happens to us in our lives. It is up to us to stay true to the person we are and not give into all of these negative, intruding comments. Don’t avoid something just because it seems stressful or it seems worthless of your time. Don’t give in to these beliefs. Keeping up with routines and self discipline will definitely be able to help with these tendencies to quit, avoid, or give up. Remind yourself why you started, and use that as motivation.

Saturn opposes the True North Node of the Moon for the final time on the 28th. Difficulties are possible related to hanging on to old habits that may be preventing us from growing, improving, and thriving.”

We really need to make sure we are on the lookout for how our habits or fears are preventing us from thriving and moving forward. If we notice that a particular thought is crossing our minds inhibiting us to do something, then we need to make the conscious effort to ask ourselves why. We need to try and change the way we think and the way we handle situations. Fear is the number one cause of failure. Don’t let it be yours.

The New Moon occurs in the sign of Libra on the 28th. A Venus-Jupiter sextile highlights the optimistic and cooperative feel of this lunation. This is a time for taking charge of our relationships and giving them their due attention, as well as working on our negotiation and partnering skills. Resolution of conflicts is in focus”

The last half of the month is all about relationships! We need to make sure we are taking enough time for them, and work on compromising. It’s gonna be all about resolution. What I normally do to help with resolution of conflict is write down what has worked before, what didn’t work before, what you can change, what they can change, and how you can both contribute. It honestly makes the world of a difference because by focusing in on the both of you, you can get an accurate telling of who’s at fault which, a lot of the time, is both of you. It’s important to see that not one person is right all the time.

Overall thoughts….

I think September is really set up for success, but it is 100% up to us to keep ourselves on the right track. It is really up to self-discipline and focus. As long as we stay organized, and strive to do our best while understanding we aren’t superhuman, then we will have an amazing September.

Thanks for reading ~

How to be productive with anxiety

Dealing with the day and anxiety can feel like a chore. I 100% get it. I am NOT a medical professional or therapist, so please don't take this as professional advice, but i do know what it's like to live with anxiety. 


Prep for your day the night before.

The last thing you want to do in the morning is scramble to plan your day, start your routine, and then jump into tackling your to do list.  

That's just too much work. Honestly.  

Make your to do list the night before. Doing this will also help because you'll know what tasks still need to be completed the next day if you didn't get a chance to finish or chose to skip out. Get any materials you'll need for your morning routine and to do list out and ready to go. This can also help motivation since it's literally in your face when you first wake up. 

When planning your day make sure you are adding only tasks that need to get done 100% and that you are accounting time incase you don't feel good or need an extra break.  

Start your mornings right.

It is SO important to start your morning right. I follow a morning routine so I'm not trying to figure out what needs to be done for the day. Right when i get up i stop my sleep tracking app, log my sleep, log my mood, check my notifications, and most of the time I'll do a start of the day guided meditation. I'll eat breakfast, maybe take a bath or shower, and grab a bottle of water or a protein shake. 

Following a morning routine can help keep your motivation up. I also get my oil diffuser going 

My essential oil blend for energy: 

3 drops sweet orange

2 drops lemon  

1 drop peppermint 

Please for the love of everything try to only get one drop of peppermint if your oils are strong! It will overpower the rest. Learned the hard way. 

Early risers

Quicker, important tasks first. The reason i say quick easy tasks is because you have so much time in the day to get the longer things done. If you're up early knock out as many fast but important tasks you can. If they're all pretty long choose the shortest one. 

Late risers  

Longer, important tasks first. Since you're waking up later in the day you don't have time for much. Choose whatever will take longest AND/OR is most important. Since you're getting up later you won't have as much time. So you'll want to use prioritizing strategies to decide what needs to be done 100%. 


Always do your most important tasks first. Chances are if you feel good in the morning and motivated, you should get stuff done immediately. You don't know if you'll feel the same way later on let alone in an hour.  

Look at your to do list.

Is there too much on your plate? 

Lots of times we don't know how much we will be able to accomplish until we wake up and see how we feel. There are days I'll have a whole schedule set up and maybe do 2 important tasks. This is totally okay! As long as you're making progress and doing something. Do NOT make your anxiety an excuse to do nothing at all. At least try your best to do something. It's healthier for the mind and body to get up and do something. Plus it serves as a nice anxiety distraction sometimes depending on what you're doing. If you start and you literally can't, that's okay. If you're feeling better later, then try again.

 Be patient with yourself 

Be patient with yourself! It's not entirely your fault if you decide you just can't get everything or anything done. Every day you improve and get better.  Progress is not linear.  It won't be all ups and no downs. Allow yourself to step back and focus on something different or a shorter task. Being patient yourself is key in boosting productivity as someone with anxiety. You won't get better over night.

 Focus on yourself first

You know how you feel and you should always come first. There's only so much you can do about work, school, etc. But no matter what is in the day YOU come first. Schedule time for self care. Take a shower. Take a warm bubble bath. Read a new book. Try a new hobby. Work on personal goals. 

Doing anything can seem like a chore. Trust me. It took me a whole extra week to get this blog post up. But it's up. Find something that motivates you, or wait until you feel up to it. 

If i can do it you can do it.  

Spring cleaning for your website

There's spring cleaning for your home and for your paperwork, but what about for your website? 

It's not far fetched to need spring cleaning for your website either. It's important to see what needs updating and removing on a regular basis, and now is the perfect time to check in with your website.  

Here are some things you can do to make sure that your website is spring clean and ready to go.


1. Look over your banners and graphics  

Are they updated with your fonts, colors, images, etc? If not go ahead and fix those and post them to your website. I have a few to fix myself.  

2. Check all your announcements or promos

Are your announcements and promos up to date ? How old really is that intro announcement on your website, or that pop up box for your email list? Updating these regularly shows you're active on your site. 

3.  Clean out any coupon codes if you have them

If you have an online shop linked to your website, then you probably have coupon codes stacked up from some point. Make sure you're cleaning out any old ones you don't plan to use anymore.  

4. Check your bio and update it 

Is your age up to date ? Are you going on a different path now than when you started? Don't just check your bio here, but your business bio as well aka your mission statement. Make sure both of these things are still relevant to you and your brand. 

5. Check for typos

Totally guilty. I almost never check for typos. 🤦‍♀️ I know, I know.  It's something I have to start doing. (Watch there be a typo in this post). Seriously though. If not in your blog posts at least check your website. ESPECIALLY your homepage. That's your first impression. 

6. Clear out your media history  

I know you do it to. You upload pictures for your website and they sit in that little media library section for the entire year. Yeah. So make sure you go through and clear out any old pictures, videos, files, etc. 


Do you spring clean your website already? What are some things you do? Leave a comment and let me know !  

How to plan your week in less than an hour

** This is a guest post by Alex Weaver. Scroll down to read more about her! **

Do you often find yourself overwhelmed throughout the week with so much to do? Do you procrastinate your chores, homework, errands, or other tasks and then feel rushed to get it all done in one day? Well, I have a method for planning your week that will allow you to plan your schedule, spread out your tasks throughout the week, and set goals for yourself.

Time Management (22).png


First things first, you need to know what you need to do for the upcoming week. This can be done many ways. Some people pre-plan using sticky notes, others preplan in another planner. Some people use weekly sticky notes to write out events. It is important to keep track of upcoming events so that when you sit down to plan you don’t forget anything, and you can appropriately schedule your time. Once you pre-plan your week with the big events, you can take a look at the other things that you need to do.


Some events have to be completed on a given day, so make sure you allot time for that event. I suggest keeping a running list of errands, chores, and other tasks that you need to accomplish the next week. Then, when you sit down to plan, look at errands you may need to run throughout the week. Do you want to grocery shop, run to the post office, get your hair done, and pick up dry cleaning all in the same day? Do you want to space these errands out so you have less going on each day? It’s up to you. But remember that each of these errands, tasks, or chores take time and you need to make sure you have time to do it on the days you schedule it.


After you plan your events and errands, you can tackle your to-do list. Your to-do list may include tasks that you want to get done during the week but don’t have an exact time frame. These events you may want to space out as well, or maybe you want to do them all at once. It depends on you and your schedule. Say I have to do 2 papers, read some chapters, do laundry, clean the house, and more. Personally, I don’t want to do this all in one day. Instead I may delegate one task per day.


The last step to planning a successful week is setting goals. This can be anything you want. Maybe you want to not eat out that week. Or you want to journal everyday, or keep track of your meals. Whatever it is, writing this down and tracking it will make that goal more concrete and will encourage you to stick to it. You can track these goals using habit trackers or creating a habit tracker sheet in your planner. Setting goals is all about improving yourself--don’t set goals that you know you won’t keep, or that you don’t want to complete. Once you make it through a week and you fulfill your goal, you will feel great and accountable for your actions.


The key to successfully planning your week within an hour or less is that once you create a schedule, stick to it (as best as you can). Once you decide your schedule doesn’t matter, you will procrastinate and then you will end up having to complete all of your tasks in one or two days, and personally, that causes extreme anxiety for me. So to plan a week in an hour or less, it is essential that you:

  1. Pre-plan
  2. Schedule your events, errands, and other tasks.
  3. Delegate your to-do list.
  4. Set personal goals.


I hope these tips help you plan in a more efficient way and help you not be lost at the beginning of the week. Delegating my time is one of the most effective strategies I have encountered so that I don’t feel overwhelmed because I procrastinate.


Thank you for reading!




Alex Weaver is a 21 year old college student in Omaha, Nebraska studying Early Childhood Education and aspires to be a teacher to young children. Alex utilizes her planner and other organization tips to ensure success in her classes. Her Instagram (@craftycollegestudent) shows her weekly planner spreads, crafty hauls, and more.  head over to her blog for more amazing blog posts like this one! 

How to outsource your vacation plans & boost productivity in the process

** This is a guest post. Please be sure to scroll to the bottom to read about the author!

Have you ever had the desire to travel but put off the idea because it seemed like too much work to plan?  Or have you ever thought, "I need a vacation..." but then felt too anxious to step away from your business or your responsibilities for a week?  Vacations are fun, refreshing, and necessary.  Planning them can be a lot of work.  Here's the secret to outsourcing your travel plans so you can keep focusing on the important things.


Time Management (11).png

Why We All Need a Vacation

No matter who you are, you need a vacation now and then.  It is an important source of self-care.  Stepping away from your home and your desk helps you to recharge and allows your brain to flex a different set of muscles.  When you interrupt your daily schedule and place yourself in a different environment, you open yourself up to new ideas and an influx of creative thinking.

In my last job I worked as an aerospace engineer at a launch company in Central California.  During launch seasons I would put in up to 60 hours a week and then go home to work on my blog.  It was exhausting.  But one of the best ways I found to recharge was a weekend trip to Disneyland.  Instead of focusing on task lists, procedures, and contingency plans I could spend a weekend focusing on imagination, positivity, and family.  In fact, I got some of my best ideas wandering through Tomorrowland.  That mini-vacation was just what I needed to head back into my job with a clear head and renewed energy.

How to Outsource Your Vacation Plans

So how do you plan a vacation when you already have too much on your to do list?  You outsource it.  Travel agents and full-service vacation planners are on the rise.  They can assist you with anything from simple weekend trips to global adventures.  Their services go beyond booking hotels and flights and include features such as the following: providing customized itineraries, booking activities and dining, providing personalized recommendations, answering questions,  and serving as a concierge throughout the entire process.  The best part is that often these services are available at no additional cost when you book with the agent.

Choose your destination and research travel agents that specialize in that type of trip.  You want someone who knows more than simply what hotels are in the area (you can discover that yourself); find someone you can connect with who truly understands what you're looking for in your vacation.

My business is centered on Disney, so I like to joke that I act as a "personal Fairy Godmother".  My goal is to handle all of the research, phone calls, emails, and planning so my clients can free up their time to focus on their other priorities.  I also love to come up with creative ideas that allow my clients to be fully present in the moment and feel completely free to enjoy their time away.  Your time leading up to a vacation should be filled with excitement and anticipation, not more stress!

Disney's Aulani Resort & Spa in Ko Olina, Hawaii

Disney's Aulani Resort & Spa in Ko Olina, Hawaii


How to Stay Productive While on Vacation

Speaking of which, how do you take a vacation when you have a job that needs you?  It's been estimated that over 40% of Americans who receive paid time off don't plan on using all of their vacation days.  That number doesn't even take into account the many self-employed business owners who feel like they can't leave their business for a week.  Everyone deserves a great vacation. The two keys to enabling yourself to travel are planning and automation.

When I plan a vacation for myself, one of the first things I do is look at my work calendar.  What deadlines do I have that fall during that week?  What major projects do I have coming up?  I make three lists: what needs to get done before I leave, what has to get done during my trip, and what needs to get done as soon as I get back.  I minimize each of these lists by evaluating the priority of each task.

My next step is to get ahead on routine work that would need to be completed that week.  This includes social media posts, blog posts, follow ups, and newsletters.  The secret here is automation!  I write my content and emails in advance and schedule them to go out during my trip.

Due to the nature of my job, sometimes I have deadlines fall during my trips that cannot be moved.  This is when I make sure to set aside some time during my vacation to stay productive.  I check that my hotels have sufficient Wi-Fi and schedule specific time blocks to get done what needs to get done.  Then I put work away and go back to enjoying my trip and my family.

How to Let Your Vacation Fuel Your Productivity

Vacations are a great tool we have for boosting our own productivity.  The anticipation of an exciting trip helps us to push through the stressful moments and the boring routines.  Upon our return, we find that we can face our work with a fresh mind.

Here are a few easy ways to continue the benefits of the experience long after you sit back down in your office:

  • Frame some photos from your trip or set them as your desktop background
  • Listen to music you enjoyed or create meal plans that include new cuisine you discovered
  • Set aside time each day for creative brainstorming
  • Continue the concept of taking frequent mini-breaks, such as a short walk every 90 minutes
  • Include simple self-care practices into your daily routine
  • Start planning your next vacation

One last tip: Create a list of items to address when you return BEFORE you even leave for your trip.  Be sure to factor in time to sort through emails (you know your inbox will be full, so just plan ahead).  This way you'll be prepared to hit the ground running!

Vacations help us to take care of our bodies, minds, and spirit.  They keep our minds active and they support our productivity long after we return.  Just remember - you don't have to do it alone.


Jessica Tullino

Jessica Tullino is a concierge vacation planner specializing in Disney Destinations.  She runs Imagineered Vacations, an affiliate of Ears of Experience, LLC.  She helps busy clients plan stress-free trips so they can spend more quality time with their loved ones without adding more projects to their lists.  She is a proud military spouse, a mother of two, and writes weekly for her Disney blog.






How my fossil smartwatch became my favorite productivity tool

**My posts may contain affiliate links

When you think of electronics, I'm sure the last thing you think it's productive. We often associate electronics like phones, tablets, etc as distractions.  It's suggested they are off and away. However something I learned is that as long as you use them effectively, they can be extremely useful. 

Recently I bought a fossil smartwatch. It's the older generation, but it still works amazing for what it is. It's real leather with rose gold trim. The band is a little big, but I fell in love with the watch. It runs on android wear, so its best functionality is with android users. It syncs to your phone and works with most Google apps, facebook messanger, texting, music, calendar, snapchat, etc. I've been loving it so far.

Needless to say there are many social media apps it links to, but it also links to some pretty important productivity apps.

Time Management (9).png


It syncs with Google keep which is what I'm currently using to make my on the go to do lists, schedules, etc. When I need to write something down quick and can't pull out my planner. Google keep is one of my favorite productivity apps, and it's very convenient to have on my wrist !  

The next app it syncs with is my Google calendar app. This is an obvious one, but the ability to check out what I have going on for the day, or next day is really a game changer. I don't always like to pull out my phone, flip through the dates, etc just to find something. The watch will tell you any upcoming events within a day or two. Just enough time to prep, and it'll give you a notification.  

My email is also synced with my watch, which means that I can read and respond to emails right from my wrist. This is great for when I have someone ask me a question, send in a guest post, or respond to my automatic emails and newsletters. It's an on the go must have for when I can't have my phone out. 

You can also set alarms right from the watch. I love this for my wake up alarm because it will legit keep vibrating until it is turned off. So I actually have to get up and turn it off. It's also useful for any reminders or to do list tasks you may have forgotten about. 

It's actually helpful to be able to see my Instagram notifications as well. If someone comments or sends me a message, I won't be able to reply to it on my watch, but it will open it on my phone. Even if I'm unable to reply right away, I'll still know someone is trying to reach me.  

Either way this watch is great for on the go productivity, and it is a great companion to my phone. No extra line required 💪. If you're looking to boost your productivity, then consider this smartwatch !  

The one I linked on this post is the gen 1 model, but be sure to check out the gen 2 model as well. As always, please read reviews and do research on the product and sellers before buying. 

Thanks for reading , and leave me a comment below if you have, or are interested in a smart watch for productivity.