How my fossil smartwatch became my favorite productivity tool

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When you think of electronics, I'm sure the last thing you think it's productive. We often associate electronics like phones, tablets, etc as distractions.  It's suggested they are off and away. However something I learned is that as long as you use them effectively, they can be extremely useful. 

Recently I bought a fossil smartwatch. It's the older generation, but it still works amazing for what it is. It's real leather with rose gold trim. The band is a little big, but I fell in love with the watch. It runs on android wear, so its best functionality is with android users. It syncs to your phone and works with most Google apps, facebook messanger, texting, music, calendar, snapchat, etc. I've been loving it so far.

Needless to say there are many social media apps it links to, but it also links to some pretty important productivity apps.

Time Management (9).png


It syncs with Google keep which is what I'm currently using to make my on the go to do lists, schedules, etc. When I need to write something down quick and can't pull out my planner. Google keep is one of my favorite productivity apps, and it's very convenient to have on my wrist !  

The next app it syncs with is my Google calendar app. This is an obvious one, but the ability to check out what I have going on for the day, or next day is really a game changer. I don't always like to pull out my phone, flip through the dates, etc just to find something. The watch will tell you any upcoming events within a day or two. Just enough time to prep, and it'll give you a notification.  

My email is also synced with my watch, which means that I can read and respond to emails right from my wrist. This is great for when I have someone ask me a question, send in a guest post, or respond to my automatic emails and newsletters. It's an on the go must have for when I can't have my phone out. 

You can also set alarms right from the watch. I love this for my wake up alarm because it will legit keep vibrating until it is turned off. So I actually have to get up and turn it off. It's also useful for any reminders or to do list tasks you may have forgotten about. 

It's actually helpful to be able to see my Instagram notifications as well. If someone comments or sends me a message, I won't be able to reply to it on my watch, but it will open it on my phone. Even if I'm unable to reply right away, I'll still know someone is trying to reach me.  

Either way this watch is great for on the go productivity, and it is a great companion to my phone. No extra line required 💪. If you're looking to boost your productivity, then consider this smartwatch !  

The one I linked on this post is the gen 1 model, but be sure to check out the gen 2 model as well. As always, please read reviews and do research on the product and sellers before buying. 

Thanks for reading , and leave me a comment below if you have, or are interested in a smart watch for productivity.