Snapchat for bloggers and business

Snapchat is one of the newer business tools, and it's often overlooked. I know I completely overlooked Snapchat myself. However it targets my exact ideal audience. While I'm not opposed to people outside the millenial range following me, it is who I target. I was reading a few other posts about Snapchat statistics and one of them said that about 90% of Snapchat is millennials. So when I heard that I figured I'd better hop on the platform. So now I'm on Snapchat

Snapchat, for those of you who don't know, is a platform in which you can send videos, pictures, or text, and it only stays for 10 seconds before it deletes forever. If you post to your story it'll stay for 24 hours. You can also chat with people and, unless you save the conversation, it'll delete after you read it. So it's a very fast paced platform which a lot of people like. You can add people via username, snapcode (you just screenshot the code, go to add via snapcode, and select the screenshot. It'll scan the code for you and add that person.), contacts, etc. 

The buzz lately has been how to use this for bloggers and business owners. So today I'm gonna tell you the top 3 reasons why you should be on this platform.


Limited time content  

Content on Snapchat is very exclusive in the fact that it only lasts for 24 hours. You can create limited time coupons, flash sales, give sneak peeks,  and more with the notion that it's 24 hours only. Promote your special coupons on Snapchat, and then drive in traffic by posting it to your Instagram saying "Snapchat followers get a coupon for 24 hours only!". This will let people on your other platforms know that they should be following you on Snapchat as well if they want exclusive content. Everyone loves feeling in the loop about something. Especially if it's exclusive.  

More of a personal platform  

Snapchat is definitely a more personal platform. This is awesome because your audience gets to connect with you in a way they can't really do over Instagram or Facebook. This is a huge plus, because if clients are looking to work with you, they can easily see another side of your personality through Snapchat. Don't be afraid to be relatable on Snapchat ! Yeah Instagram and Facebook are definitely more formal platforms that require a more professional look, but not on Snapchat. Be your raw self.

"Swipe up" link feature  

So far, Instagram's link feature is exclusive to only certain accounts. This is what gives Snapchat the advantage. Snapchats link feature is available to all accounts. Which means you can link to blog posts, websites, lead pages, etc. This is great for those days when you want to promote something without saying "Link in my bio" instead you can literally swipe up on the snap to get there. This was one of the main features that drew me in. 


If you use snapchat, what are some ways you use it for your blog or business ??? Comment down below, and don't forget to re-pin if you found this helpful.  

As always, thanks for reading!