How To Prioritize Your Tasks When Everything Is Important

You may have backed yourself into a corner more than a few times tackling more than you can handle. Maybe you just have so much to do naturally that you can't seem to figure out what to do first. Whatever it may be; as people we are busy. Like almost all the time which can be extremely frustrating because everything is important! So how do you know where to start? 

Don't worry because today I'm going to share with you a few ways you can break down your tasks so you can figure out what to do first. (You might even want to do all of these to make your list even more accurate!)


1. By due date

This one is probably the easiest. If something is due in an hour you better get on it. If something is due next week you can probably hold off, or do a little bit if possible everyday. If it's something you can do in 10 minutes or less, then do it NOW. This is a great way to organize your to do list because everything will be done on time as long as you stick to the schedule. Make sure you allow a little flexibility in case something pops up. What do you do when you have a bunch of things due tomorrow or next week? Why I'm glad you asked.

2. By length 

If you have a project you know is going to take a few days or the course of the week, you'll want to start on that ASAP. Don't hold that off until last minute! If something that's due next week will only take a few hours, then work on your longer projects first to get them out of the way. You'll need more time to accomplish your longer tasks so always start them first. However if your few hours long project is due tomorrow you may want to start that first instead. Using the length rule and the due date rule together with your best judgement will help to really narrow down your list. 

3. Is it for fun? Or is it serious?

Sometimes we do little fun projects like making a bird house, or organizing our room differently. Unless these are totally necessary, it might be a good idea to skip out on them until your big projects are done. If it's work related, bills, something with your kids, or a date then that stuff should always come towards the top of the list.

Sometimes the cost of success has to be fun. (Not always though! I believe business and fun can almost always happen together.) However this is a good guideline to follow in conjunction with the two rules above. 

>> want to read more about time management? Check out my time management tips for busy women like you!<<

By using all 3 of these methods together you'll be sure to narrow down your to-do list in no time! My best advice would be to write out all of your tasks for the week and next week on a piece of paper. Then narrow it down after you've brainstormed everything you need to do. This will ensure you don't miss anything else that's important. 

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Top 3 Distractions

You know the situation where you JUST sat down to do your work and your phone rings. So you peek at it and decide to answer. After the call you remember you were working and get back to it. But then you remember that you forgot to post on Instagram. You post, but then you end up scrolling for like an hour. Then finally get to your work again. 

This scenario happens every single day for most of us, and sometimes it's unavoidable. However there are 3 major distractions I hear everyone talking about, and I'm here to tell you all what they are and how to avoid them as best you can. While still being realistic of course. By no means am I telling you that this will solve all your problems because there's always exceptions (and reality).  


1. Social media  

With social media growing quicker than ever, it's insane to even think of our lives without it. It's what keeps us connected to the world around us. However that's also the biggest problem. The fact that it's become so integrated into our lives means that it's harder to stay away from it. As a blogger and YouTuber I am always (I am so serious) on social media. Like, every chance I get. I'm replying to comments at lightning speed, checking my hashtag daily, posting pictures, commenting on your pictures, looking for awesome people to repost. It gets ridiculous lol. I don't even know what I'm on social media for half the time. I just wanna look at my Instagram feed, or just look at the pretty stuff on Pinterest. 


Set specific times a day to check your social media when you're working, blogging, etc. On the days I don't have much going on, scrolling endlessly through social media doesn't interfere with much of anything.  However when I'm actually working on something it becomes a distraction. It's okay if you catch yourself going on Instagram, but when you catch you need to correct. Realize you got off track and get yourself back on. I like to flip my phone over. Since I have the galaxy s7 edge, the side will light up a different color depending on the app or notification. So I'll know if it's important or not. 

2.  To do lists

This one was a common answer when I asked my community what their biggest distraction was. All in all it comes down to their to do lists. I found this extremely interesting, but it made sense. Here's why. You load up your to do list with anything and everything you need to get done and immediately start working on all the "stuff". WRONG. NOOO. Stop right now ! Seriously! By doing this you are shooting yourself in the foot and setting yourself up to fail and feel overwhelmed. You get distracted by everything you need to do. So you start panicking and running around like me when I see a bee during the summer and it's not cool. I've been preaching lately that to do lists don't work by themselves. >>To read more about Why To-do Lists Don't Work you can click this link.<<


What you need to be doing instead is prioritizing your list. You can't just slap everything you need to do for the whole week in one list. I can almost promise you that you won't get anything done. You'll take one look and be like "Lol nope." So instead focus on 3 or 4 major tasks that need to be done asap, or that have a higher priority. How soon is it due ? Is it for someone else? Is this critical to my success? Etc.  

3. Kids/siblings 

I can't tell you how many times I've heard this one. "I have to babysit", "my kids take up all my time", "it's hard being a mom", bleh bleh bleh. Alrighty. I bet you can tell which one I'm passionate about on this list.

Disclaimer: I don't have kids but I can feed you some common sense. We are gonna jump right into the fix because there isn't an excuse I haven't heard or that I probably need to explain. Is it hard having kids ? Probably. But don't let it be your excuse 


Do your kids take naps ? If yes you probably have about an hour to get stuff done. I like to call this the power hour. Set a timer or just work until your kid wakes up. You get one hour to yourself and if that's all you get you better make it count. 

Does your kid sleep at night? Awesome. Stay up an extra hour and get stuff done following the same method I used above.  

Too exhausted to stay up after a long Day? That's alright. Wake up an hour earlier in the morning and follow the same method.  

I only get a few hours to myself how am I suppose to work all day? The answer to this lies within your desire for something to happen. If you want to be a blogger but your kid "gets in the way" you need to re-evaluate how you spend your time. Instead of watching greys anatomy, work on your post.  


Most of us never take a step back and realize how we can fix these common distractions or excuses. You make an excuse most likely out of the fear of doing the task, or the lack of motivation for it. Getting around road blocks is a mindset. If your mind isn't in the right place, you won't be either. 

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How To Use Multiple Planners to Increase Organization

Some of you may have seen my tremendous planning system, and my even more tremendous collection. (If not see the picture below) 



Those are the planners I'm using currently along with one other that's not pictured. So I'm sure by now you're thinking to yourself "holy crap... How does she even use all these ?!? And for what?!". In this post today I'll be telling you what each of my planners are for, and why I think it's beneficial to have multiple.  



What are they all used for!? 

Pink kate spade:  

My on the go catch all planner. This is the planner I take with me almost everywhere I go so I have everything in one place. Literally this planner has just about every major task that needs to get done, a dream journal, my content schedule sheet, my package tracker, etc.  

Black filofax: 

I've been using this as my summer school planner. Since I only have one class the simplicity of this planner is perfect. It's not too busy, doesn't have a lot in it, and it's just right for getting the job done. I have some simple day designer inserts in there, my school ID, note pages and a pen. 

Nude filofax:

My nude filofax is mostly for blog post ideas for paper and a plan. However I have a section for collabs, email list content, social media content, and blog content as well. It's basically for everything paper and a plan and I love it.  

Gold passion planner: 

Not usable until August of 2017 but I plan to replace my black filofax with this planner so I can use it for school and for starting up my business. Basically any major goal planning and memory keeping will go in here. I know for sure next year this will become one of my main planners. So I'm excited about it for sure.  

protopreneur planner:   

This is a bigger catch all planner that I mainly use for habit tracking, content planning, and huge paper and a plan related tasks. Nothing too personal goes in this one.  

Black recollections:  

My mood tracker. I use this as a journal and I have a smaller notebook in it for my year in pixels and level 10 life tracker. 


So now that you know how I use them you're probably thinking 


Why can't you combine everything into one planner? 

The simple answer is there wouldn't be enough room for everything. It's like trying to stuff your whole closet in one suitcase. Or cook all your dinner in one pan. It's just not gonna happen, and if it does it's gonna be messy.  

Keeping your planners separate ensures that I am focusing on only one thing at a time. It separates my thoughts and I know everything has it's own place. This may seem like a personal thing, but really it can help anyone improve focus on certain tasks, and help with thought organization.  

I know when I go into my nude filofax that it's business time. When I go into my black filofax my mind shifts to school mode. When I go into my black recollections it's time to reflect. My kate spade is the planner I look to in order to know what my tone will be for the day.  

It's literally a mindset shift and that's what you want when looking at multiple tasks a day. If you had all your thoughts in one planner there wouldn't be a shift at all. Your mind would just be on overdrive thinking of all the things you needed to get done.  

Don't get me wrong multiple planners isn't for everyone, and the amount I use can be considered a little excessive, but it works for me and that's what's important. Not everyone has so much to plan out that they need 6 planners, but I find that it helps with keeping things in order.  

People often ask me how I can keep up. It's very simple. I definitely don't go into ALL of my planners every single day. I don't always have them constantly open or anything. That's totally not the case. They're just there for my reference. Instagram actually helps me out because I often take pictures of my spreads so if I ever leave my planner at home I can still see it 😂. Most often though I bring it with me.  

There are so many uses for planners, but you have to find what works for you. Whether it be one, two, or ten. Just do your thing And the perfect planning system will come to you.  

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5 Ways to Beat Procrastination

I have a few tips for you on how to beat procrastination. This is copied straight from day 8 of my free productivity course so I can show you what it's like. I'm not going to waste any more of your time today because there are things to do on your list! I know it.

1. Get an accountability partner

I am so serious about this one. Me and my friend Alex have been working out together for 3 weeks upon writing this and I have to say I am so amazed at what a little encouragement can do. I can say honestly that I would have never been able to work out this consistently without an accountability partner. For the sake of todays prompt I am going to link you to my new Facebook group! This group is dedicated to young content creators who need a boost in their productivity, and are looking for an engaging community. You'll also get exclusive mini lessons and first look information.

you can join me and many other girls at :

It's always easier with others.

2. Schedule

This one has been helping me the most. When you schedule time for something it's like making a small commitment that you'll actually do the tasks. Especially since you're on a tight schedule. Not to mention it's kinda right in front of your face. (check out the free worksheet I made to help you out with this!) The key to scheduling is to assign all of your tasks to a specific time slot. Don't leave anything uncovered. If another obligation comes into play, then it's your job to rearrange so everything gets done. Allowing yourself to put it off is exactly why you won't get it done. I also have a video on scheduling that I will leave you down below.

Allowing yourself to move things aside brings me to number 3.


Yeah yeah yeah. We are gonna bring in Nike for a short moment. Seriously though just do it! I have a rule now where the moment I think about something, I go and do it. Now a few things to be aware of when I have this rule. I can't interrupt something I'm already in the middle of. This can be hard, but when you think of something else you have to do just write it down. Anything on the list can be done when you're not doing something you've scheduled or something that's higher on your priority list. However, I usually apply this rule to my morning routine. If it takes less than 10 minutes I just do it right then and there. I don't even bother to schedule it. I just do it. I think this mindset could be helpful for you all as well, so give it a try!

4. Track your habits

Similar to what we talked about in day 5 with distractions, it helps to track your habits. Is there a certain task you just hate doing and know you'll procrastinate on? Is there a reason you keep putting things off? Make note of why you keep putting off tasks and hopefully you'll be able to beat the habit.


5. lighten your load

Part of the reason you may want to keep putting things off is because it's simply too overwhelming for you! If you find yourself getting anxious looking at long to do lists, then maybe you need to realize that not everything needs to be done right away. Not everything needs to get done in one single day either. Lighten up your work load! Some ways you can do this is spreading out your tasks, delegating your tasks to someone else if possible, and completely eliminating tasks you just know you'll never do. It is totally OKAY to halt the project you've been working on or the craft you were planning to do. There's probably a reason you keep pushing it aside, and it could be because you're just not interested. When you're not interested it probably means it's going to show in your work. So either keep it entertaining for yourself while you do it , or trash it.


If you MUST procrastinate something remember this:


If you know for a fact you have to do this task, and you know you're gonna procrastinate then do me a favor and at least give yourself more time. If this means shifting around your schedule a little, then do it. Nothing is worse than getting something done the night before and rushing because you gave yourself an hour to do it.

Video about the importance of scheduling  




How Mood Tracking Boosts Productivity

Mood Tracking is a newer concept for me, and I think it is with a lot of people. Since January I have been tracking my moods using a method called year in pixels.

Year in pixels is a popular bujo  (bullet journal) method. You split up the months and the days become your "pixels". It's like a calendar but more compact. There's usually a key at the bottom for color coding each of your moods. At the end of the day, check in with yourself. You can do half and half or the whole day one color. I've split it up into 3 colors per day before, but it got messy quick. You can get as creative as you want with the layout too. 

In addition to my year in pixels, I have a journal as well. This is where I write down the specifics of how my day went and why I chose that specific set of moods. 

To see a set up video of the planner I have for this you can view it below.  


So how does this help my productivity ? 

When you have something like anxiety, tend to have mood swings often, or even if you don't it's huge to be able to discover patterns in your moods. I've noticed quote a few of them with this mood tracking & journaling combo. I am able to see what times of the month I'm most productive, what makes me unmotivated, and so much more from this simple method. 



When I check the journal in relation to the tracker I can clearly see what makes me anxious, what gets me stressed out, why I'm sad, and what makes me happy. Knowing this information I can work on creating habits for better moods. As well as learning how to solve certain issues when my moods aren't so hot. 

I would highly recommend for everyone to at least try this system out. It has made a surprising impact in my life because it's clear data right in front of you.  

You can make a mood tracker with a small notebook, inside your bullet journal, inside of a planner, in a normal notebook, and even on your phone calendar. There's no right or wrong way to make a mood tracker. You just need to make sure it has the following : 

  • Months
  • Days
  • Color code for moods  

That's seriously it ! Send me a message if you guys decide to try this out. I've noticed a direct link between my moods and my productivity. With this method I'm able to eliminate any negative factors and respond accordingly. It's been a huge game changer and somewhat of a secret weapon. I can't wait to see you try it out. Post your pics to Instagram and use #productivitybabes 

Thanks for reading !  



My Productivity Playlist

Music has a huge impact on our moods and emotions. When we are sad we tend to listen to sad songs and when we are happy we listen to upbeat songs. It's just sort of how our mind works. Listening to music solicits a certain response from our brains that impact us.

So wouldn't it make sense that if we listen to upbeat music we will be in a better mood? Here I am going to share with you my productivity playlist.

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How To Study For Finals In One Week

I KNOW this has happened to all of my student productivity babes out there. It's the week before finals and everything is going well. That's when it sinks in. It's one week before finals, and you haven't studied a single minute of your life for this. I know the feeling because I'm currently there. That's why I decided to make this post and teach you what you'll need to do in order to study for finals all in one week MINUS the hustle.

1. Organize your notes

This is huge. How else are we suppose to study?! We have absolutely no stinking clue what to study if there aren't any notes to go off of. If you haven't taken any notes, then I suggest you go through some of the important handouts or sections you learned about, and quickly compose the most useful information into a notebook or even a small study booklet. It's extra helpful if your professor handed out a study guide, but in college let's just face it - that doesn't happen much.

If you do have notes, then you need to make sure they are all in one place, and not in 5 different notebooks. Yes, even if this means you have to rewrite them. I actually recommend rewriting your notes because not only will it help you simplify the information, but it will also help you to remember the information better.  Science.

2. Break it down by class

Chances are your finals are all on different days. What you need to do first is decide which class you need the most study time for, and which classes finals come first. 

If for some reason all your finals are on the same day, then I would still decide which classes you need the most study time in. This way you are only studying the material you actually need to go over again. Your time (and grade) is precious so don't waste it on things you already know or don't need to know at all.

I know it has happened to you at some point where you study so hard for this upcoming test or final exam. Once you actually look at the test your facial expression probably looks like you just saw a ghost rather than your test because absolutely nothing you studied is on there. DON'T let that be you this time! Even if you have to ask your professor what will be on the exam so you can properly study.

3. Schedule time to study

You can prepare all you want, but fact of the matter is you're not going to actually get anything done if you don't schedule the time to study. I recommend working in about 30 minute increments and then taking a 5 or 10 minute break. To me this is the most effective when studying because you're actually scheduling a break between study sessions. If you want, you could do 30 minutes per topic and after your break switch to something else for that same class. I personally would suggest studying one class per day until the day before the exam.

The day before the exam I always do a full review session to make sure there's nothing more I need to get done or look over. I don't recommend cramming a ton of information into this day. The day before the final is meant to finalize that you know all the necessary information.

How much time you study is up to you, but I recommend at least 3 hours with breaks. Yeah, I know. Nobody wants to study for 3 hours a day, but if you do that you'll cover 9 topics in one day. Most exams are NOT cumulative, which means you only cover the topics after the midterm. This is usually only about 9 chapters or less anyways. If it is a cumulative test, which means from chapter 1 all the way to the end, then you can always revisit this class another day.

4. Study Materials

Unfortunately your notes are awesome, but there are probably better resources out there that you could use in addition to them. I would search the topic you're trying to study in quizlet if you like studying the flash card way. Sometimes there are even practice quizzes on there that people have made up that you can take as well. I did this for my bio class and it was one of the best choices I have ever made. Literally all the questions on the website were on my past quizzes and tests, so it was the perfect study tool.

Khan Academy is a great program for any math finals you may have as well. You search a topic and there are interactive articles, practice problems, and video tutorials for almost any topic you can think of when it comes to math.

When all else fails, try doing a quick YouTube search for your topic and there are tons of YouTube tutorials out there for virtually any subject you're looking for.

5. Prepping your work space

Believe it or not this is super important. Nothing is worse than having a super messy work space and not being able to find any study material. It's extremely hard to focus and study when your notes and packets are thrown in every single corner of your work space. Here are some things you can do to make sure your work space is study ready.

  1. Pick a quiet spot. I would recommend picking a spot with barley any noise. If you study with music keep it at a low volume so you're not more focused on that than your work.
  2. Clean your space. Don't leave your desk or space a cluttered mess. Like I said earlier, you'll spend more time shuffling through papers than actually studying if your materials are everywhere.
  3. Have everything you need near by. Gather all your materials and keep them off to the side. You don't want to interrupt your study session by having to get up and find a book or notebook.
  4. Keep food and water close. Again. You don't want to interrupt your study sessions to get up. Keeping an energizing snack and water nearby will help you focus as well. Nobody can focus when they're hungry.

Now the only thing left to do is to start studying! Good luck on your finals in the upcoming weeks, and I hope that you pass all your classes.


Best planner for content creator's

Wether you're a blogger or instagramer,  you know how hard it is to keep track of your life, content,  and schedule all at the same time. You are probably like I was and have a bunch of ideas written down in 3 different notebooks, or have a dry erase board for your schedule. Not that any of these ideas are bad,  but there's something better. 

*This is a sponsored post. However all the statements said in this post are my own opinions. I would never recommend a product I didn't like. 

Introducting the Protopreneur Planner! 


who was this designed for ?

The protopreneur planner was designed for businesses and content creators alike. Wether you have a blog,  youtube channel, Instagram, email list, business, etc. You'll find that this planner is an amazing fit for you.

Let's dive into the features 

*There will be a video at the bottom walking you through if you'd rather not read.  

It comes in multiple different colors and even a plain black, so you can pick which planner best represents your style. (I obviously chose the pink for myself 😉.) The interior has multiple card slots and a secretarial pocket for business cards, ID cards, or extra note paper. 


The cover to this planner is extremely sturdy so I wouldn't worry about harm to your planner much. It has a faux leather look and feel, and it looks very well made with little to no errors. One of my planners was put in upside down, but it was an easy fix since the planner slides out of the cover.(With a little force of course. No need to worry about it flopping around in there on its own.) All I had to do was flip it around. The pages are an off white color by the way. Just a fair warning. 

There are multiple different pages and tools within the planner. The first few pages are for visualization of your life and business. It then talks about your goals and who your target audience is. 

The next few pages are for content schedules, and then it starts the first monthly page.  The monthly had a spot for your content of the week, your finance tracker, notes, and work days. Its a very helpful overview and is extremely unique in its composition. 

Then you have your weekly overview. This is a two page overview. The left side is your weekly to do list and your project planner. The right side is for tracking your habits, and any important follow ups or people you need to contact.

Then you get to the weekly pages. It is a vertical style weekly spread with time slots titled AM, Noon, and PM. I'll include a picture below.


There is a notes section, your daily focus, daily highlights, gratitude and your time slots. There are no times written in, so you can write in your own ! A huge seller for me was that my happy planner stickers fit perfectly in the columns, and the headers fit perfectly in between lines. 

In the back of the planner there are some extra spots for brain dumps and project planning.  


Overall, I would highly recommend this planner to anyone who has a business, or just in general creates content.  

Be sure to check out the video for more in depth views of the planner and it's features.  

Comment below and let me know what you think !