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The P&P Content Planner

It's all you've ever wanted for content planning.


If you've ever created content before, then you know just how daunting it can be. It's very easy to spend hours upon hours thinking of post ideas, organizing your thoughts, and trying to fill out your editorial calendar. 

The biggest mistake I've made and that I see in others is not having one organized system in place. I'm sure at some point we've all had that notebook. You know... that one with all the scribbled on pages and the endless amount of sticky notes. Believe me I've been there, done that. 

I took the time to learn about the best way to plan content, and then I made a solution for everyone who feels stressed out when planning theirs.

I'm pleased to present to you the P&P Content Planner.

This planner was made just for bloggers, and was designed based off suggestions from my community. 


yearly overview

The yearly overview is crafted all on one page and is designed for this to be your first step in content planning and creation. Creating a yearly overview helps you see clearly what kinds of holidays, special events, etc. are coming up that you may need to create content for. 

Brain-dump pages

The next step is to braindump. Braindumping is where you'll come up with ideas for all your main platforms. You can print out as many of these pages as you like. I would recommend one sheet every quarter for each of your platforms. Remember, no idea is a bad idea because it can always be improved. 



Editorial calendar

This may easily be the most important page in the entire planner. The editorial calendar is your actual content plan. What are you going to post and when? This calendar is crafted with a 1-5 numbered layout since my survey said you have 5 or less platforms you plan content for. So now you have a space for all your content and most ,if not all, of your platforms. I also included a notes section you can use for a checklist, major events, etc. My favorite feature is the "might post" section. I have a lot of alternative post ideas that I don't know if I want to schedule in yet. Plus you never know when you might want to write something different compared to what you actually have scheduled in for the day.

The weekly

The weekly pages have a vertical style layout with many features to keep you organized. It starts on Monday and has a shared weekend so you don't overwork yourself. It includes a spot for notes, big ideas, quote of the week, and weekly focus. It has two blank squares to use how you would like and a weekly stat chart for you to fill in. 



the blog post checklist

The blog post checklist was created to make sure you complete all major parts of the creation process. It has a place for your title, and the rest you check off as you go. Perfect for those of you who split up content creating on different days, or those of you who just like to take a break and come back every once in a while.