Privacy Policy

Email sign up:

When signing up for our email lists, please note that I personally will not hand out your information. My email list is hosted by MailChimp. MailChimp collects the data you input so I can use it for analytic purposes as well as sending you out updates and information. I cannot speak for MailChimp's privacy policy. If you have any concerns or questions about how MailChimp collects data, then please head over to their website. If you do not agree with this statement, then don't sign up for the email list. Also note you can opt out of the emails at any time. MailChimp should provide an opt out link at the bottom of each email you receive. 

Links to other websites:

I link to websites I think are helpful and useful to my viewers. However, I cannot speak for other websites and their policies. Please read their website policies before making purchases or signing up for their lists. This includes SquareSpace itself. 


How do I collect your information?

I collect your information from sign-up forms and email opt-ins. All opt-ins should require double opt-in for your security and consent. You can edit your preferences at anytime by going to the link at the bottom of my emails or by contacting me about removal from a list.

What type of information do I collect?

I collect your name and email address for all opt-in forms. ALL forms will specify what information is being collected at all times. Other information may include cookies or other browser information. Most browsers collect this information automatically and is not directly collected and kept by me. All information is held by MailChimp. 

How is your information used?

Cookies are used to enhance your search and browser experience. 

The information collected in the opt in forms is used for later contact through email. 




* If there are any updates to be made to the policy they will always show up on this page. If you are signed up with any of my active email lists at the time you will be notified. Otherwise please check back here if you have any concerns. 

I do have a contact page available on my website if you have any other questions.


Disclosure Policy

Affiliate links and sponsored posts:

According to the FTC, ALL posts that are sponsored or contain affiliate links must clearly say so somewhere on the page. Legally I cannot hide any of this information which is why it is also mentioned on this page. I do use affiliate links!

Any affiliate links you see from Amazon or other affiliates will cost you NO additional money, and they help to support me.

Any other affiliate links or sponsored posts will have additional details on that specific post. 

If you have any questions as to how this works please contact me. My contact page is in my navigation bar at all times.

Earnings Disclosure:

My content is for educational purposes only and is not to be taken as professional advice or fact. My content explains my own experiences and is not guaranteed to get you the same results.

Copyright Policy

In the United States, any work written by Alexis Dugo (Paper and a Plan) or created by Alexis Dugo (Paper and a Plan) is protected under the copyright laws. This includes posts, images, slogans, or names.

Paper and a Plan was published on April 1st 2017. 

ANY form of stolen work, images, or otherwise can be punishable!

You may not copy a blog post, image, or otherwise without written permission in some form by the owner. 

Disclaimer/ Terms and Conditions


Anything written on this blog is based off of my own experiences, knowledge, and otherwise. This is NOT to be taken as any sort of guaranteed professional advice. By following the advice written in my blog posts or seen in my videos, you agree that these pieces of advice have helped me, but that doesn't guarantee they will help you.

* I will not be liable or responsible for any issues faced from taking my advice. I am also not liable for any errors or omissions on my blog or any related social media.

Any further disclosures if needed will be at the bottom of each page.

Terms and conditions

The owner of Paper and a Plan has the right to ban or report any incident that is deemed illegal.

Paper and a Plan will not tolerate any form of bullying or harassment on their website, emails, or related social media. However, I am not liable for what other people comment, post, or do.

Please abide by the copyright rules and regulations. Any failure to comply can be taken to a legal level. 

Paper and a Plan is operating in Illinois, USA. The laws that apply here will apply to you in worst case scenario.

The owner of Paper and a Plan has the right to ban anyone who does not follow the rules and guidelines.