Did someone say freebies?

Any girl boss knows that giving back is the most important part of their entire journey. I know for sure that it is part of mine. On this page you can find a bunch of exclusive freebies just for you to help boost your productivity and slay your own game. My thanks to you for your amazing support.

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Productivity babes facebook group

Join our productivity babes Facebook group for the latest resources, and a group full of determined and like minded girl bosses. swap questions, find project partners, etc. 


5 days to instaboss email course

Join me and Jessica Johnson in a 5 day email course teaching you everything you need to know about rocking it on Instagram. I share the same techniques I used to triple my following in one month. (results may vary)


Coming Soon


Check back for more freebies coming soon!



productivity methods e-book

I have compiled some of my favorite methods for getting things done into a mini E-book just for you! Download it for free.


daily planner insert

A simplistic daily planner insert, perfect for the planner girl who needs to brain dump or jot down daily tasks.