Guest Posting Guidelines

Deciding to open up your blog to guest posters is kind of a huge deal. For me, allowing other creators to have their own space on my blog is something very exciting. However, it can also be a little worrying. Bloggers, including myself, want to make sure that the authors behind these pieces are a good fit for their blog before publishing their work. So below are a list of guidelines you have to follow in order to have your guest post approved. There will be a short process to this. 

Guest posting process

  1. You'll pitch the idea to me via email with all the details and how it can contribute to my blog. Nothing too fancy here just a pitch and how it'll add value. You can use the contact form on the bottom of this page. Please make sure you include the following things: your name, your blog/website, your pitch/idea, and how it can add value to my blog.

  2. I'll contact you back and let you know if your post idea would be something I am interested in featuring. I'll then work out a deadline with you for the post. If nothing is received by the deadline, I will assume you decided not to go through with the post.

  3. After I receive the post, I will read through it and make sure it hits the guidelines listed below. You'll either be good to go or I may ask you to send a revised version.

  4. After your post has been approved, I'll ask you to send over a small bio and a head shot to place at the bottom of your post.

  5. Once I receive that information, I will publish your post on the due date we discussed.

  6. Once the post is live I will send you a link so you can promote it on your social media as well if you would like.

Currently Accepting:

Email for inquiries




Needs to fit our mission & my audience

Paper and a Plan was created in order to help other content creators and shop owners find success through planning, productivity, and social media. I focus a lot of aspects of blogging, organization, time management, social media tips, how to set up social media for clients, etc.  My goal is always to provide value to my readers, and make sure that they can leave with information to take action. I rarely go off topic with my posts, and if I do it always relates back to how I can help the blogger, shop owner, etc. with the post.  I expect your entries to do the same. If you aren't talking about productivity, social media, or planning, then I expect it to relate back to how you can provide value for my audience with your post. Does it help a blogger? Does it help someone with their clients? Will it help a shop owner? Will it help a college student? 91% of my viewers are millennial women who often have side hustles or a blog of their own. 

Word Count and Language

The word count I'm not too picky on, but I usually try to aim for at least 750 words myself. No more than 2,000 if possible. I know we like to write, but there's no reason to write an essay unless it's organized, to the point, and it's actually explaining the information given. My posts don't tend to have much "fluff" , and I've been praised for it. Please try to stay away from any harsh profanity. Offensive content will NOT be tolerated. You should know what offensive content entails, but in case you don't, I'm talking about racist, ignorant, or otherwise inappropriate content. If I find your post has any of that, I will not publish it, and you will not hear back from me. It will legit go into my trash, no I'm not kidding, and no I'm not over reacting. Paper and a Plan is an accepting environment, and I intend to keep it as such. 


Similar niches

There are many niches that could write for my blog, and I'm not opposed to any contacting me and seeing if we could work something out. Some similar niches to mine would be bloggers, content creators, graphic designers, business coaches, social media coaches, career coaches, Virtual assistants, planners, productivity bloggers, etc. 

However there are a few I know typically won't work just based on the target audience. Some of these include Parenting, Travel, cars, religious niches, etc. 

Like I said don't hesitate to pitch an idea, but this is just from a general stand point. 


Preferred topics

Here are a list of preferred topics, but feel free to pitch your own!

  • Instagram tips

  • Snapchat tips

  • Facebook tips

  • Pinterest tips

  • Blogging tips

  • Blogging resources

  • Business owner advice

  • Organization

  • Productivity tips

  • Time management

  • Legal aspects of blogging

  • Marketing

  • Advertising on a budget

  • YouTube tips

  • Branding

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