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Hi there! My name is Alexis, and I started off as a productivity enthusiast. Over time I evolved my brand, and with that came the evolution of my Instagram feed. I came across many layouts, but my favorite was for sure the puzzle feed. It was eye catching, and nobody had really ever done it before. I played around with the idea for about a year before finally perfecting my process. I then decided to help other feed enthusiasts save time by providing services to help them create the social media presence of their dreams! Below you will find the services I offer surrounding social media design.


Canva puzzle feed template bundle

Price: $9.99

For less than the price of one template, I created not one, not two, but THREE puzzle feed templates in Canva for you to use. They are called Bold Boss, Beach Vibes, and Neutral Minimalist. Each template is 100% customizable in Canva. This includes fonts, colors, images, frames, details, text, and more. You will need to create a free Canva account to get started, but after you save a copy to your account, they are yours to use forever. Each template will create 9 Instagram posts, and are formatted to help ensure nothing important gets cut off in each post! This bundle also comes with a “Basics of Editing in Canva” video tutorial.

Included: 3 Canva templates and 1 tutorial video

Please make a copy of the templates to your own account. Do NOT edit the original file you see when you click on the template links.

(For cutting up your photos I recommend photosplit for Iphone and Grid Maker for Android.)


Custom canva puzzle feed template

Price: $50

Included: custom Canva template (9 posts) and 1 tutorial video


On-boarding: Your custom feed will be completely tailored to your brand. I have you fill out an on-boarding document upon purchase that tells me what I need to know to get started on your feed. There are some limitations to Canva, so I can communicate those if I need to after reading your document.

Creation: During the creation process I’ll be reaching out to you for anything additional I need to know. Keep in mind this custom option is for the entire first 9 squares of your new puzzle feed. All you’ll need to do is add pictures.

Editing: If you don’t like the first draft, no worries! I edit your template up to 3 more times adding and taking out whatever you want. Keep in mind your template is 100% customizable when I’m done, so you can go back and edit it too if you need.

Time Frame: On average it’ll take a week depending on the level of communication

Please Message Me For Inquiries

*Disclaimer: You are responsible for the upkeep of your own feeds. This package is ONLY for a custom template. You will have to edit the template accordingly after it is completed.

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More Coming soon!

More Design templates and services are coming soon.